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German Embassy showcases Vietnamese cultural diversity through photos

01/25/2021 14:29

VTV.vn - The German Embassy in Hanoi is displaying 21 large-sized colour photos about the beauty and diversity of Vietnamese culture on the wall around the embassy grounds.

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Exhibition in Hungary showcases photos and sculptures on Vietnam

02/17/2020 16:51

VTV.vn - An exhibition showcasing artworks by late famous Hungarian sculptor Farkas Aladár on Vietnam’s land and people opened in Székesfehérvá City, Hungary, on February 16.

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Photo exhibition in Mexico features Vietnam’s land, people

09/20/2019 13:27

VTV.vn - A photo exhibition kicked off in Mexico City on September 12 to introduce the beauty of Vietnamese land and people to Mexicans and international friends.

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Equal families photo contest honours love and sharing

06/24/2017 13:24

VTV.vn - Winners of the Equal families in Vietnam photo contest were honoured at a ceremony in Hanoi on Wednesday, June 21st.

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Hanoi's beauty captured in veteran photographer's artwork

09/21/2016 08:18

VTV.vn - The Grand Prize of the Bui Xuan Phai: For the Love of Hanoi Awards has recently been presented to local photographer Le Vuong for his invaluable pictures depicting the idyllic beauty of Hanoi.

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Photo contest promotes patriotism

12/14/2015 11:11

VTV.vn - The Central Committee of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union presented awards for the photo contest in Hanoi on December 7th.

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Photo exhibition recalls village memories

10/03/2015 14:17

VTV.vn - It is said that to understand Vietnam, you must understand the community of a Vietnamese village.

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Exhibition showcases photos of the elderly

10/01/2015 16:03

VTV.vn - The vibrant lives of elderly people in different places across Vietnam are being featured in a photo exhibition, “Timeless”, opened on September 29th in Hanoi.

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Truong Sa photo series shortlisted

09/16/2015 14:17

VTV.vn - A six-photo series on the Truong Sa Archipelago by Vietnamese artist Nguyen Thu Thuy made it to the Worldwide Photography Gala Awards' final round for women in York, UK.

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Incredible photos of supersonic shock waves

08/15/2015 17:24

VTV.vn - These beautiful images from NASA are photographs of the shock waves produced by supersonic airplanes, although you'd be forgiven for thinking that they're for a new art installation.

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Photo competition highlights Vietnam-US ties

07/04/2015 19:49

VTV.vn - An award ceremony and exhibition entitled “Vietnam-US relations and the US through Vietnamese photographers’ eyes” took place in Hanoi yesterday (July 3).

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Vietnam - Looking into the past

05/07/2015 16:49

New York based Business Insider recently featured intriguing images by photographer Khanh Hmoong that blend Vietnam’s past and present by superimposing historic photos over one taken from the exact location in the present.

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