Outstanding blood donors honoured in HCM City

by LV01 June 2019 Last updated at 08:58 AM

A total of 811 individuals and organisations in HCM City were honoured at a conference on Friday (May 31) for donating blood and contributing to the city’s voluntary blood donation movement.

Outstanding blood donors receive medals and certificates at a ceremony in HCM City on May 31.

HCM CITY — A total of 811 individuals and organisations in HCM City were honoured at a conference on Friday (May 31) for donating blood and contributing to the city’s voluntary blood donation movement.

Of them, 71 individuals donated blood 40 times and 178 others donated 30 times.

Seventeen organisations were presented blood donation medals by the Việt Nam Red Cross.

Nguyễn Tấn Bỉnh, director of the city Department of Health, said the number of voluntary donors had been increasing in recent years, helping save thousands of lives.

Though advancement in science and technology had caused great progress, demand for blood for patients and to serve in emergencies was rising.

He called on organisations and individuals to participate in voluntary blood donation campaigns.

Hoàng Thị Xuân of District 4 who has donated blood more than 40 times, said she would continue to do so.

“I hope my blood was able to help ... save someone’s life.”

Nguyễn Hoàng Ân, deputy chairman of the HCM City chapter of the Red Cross, said the city received more than 273,490 units of blood from voluntary donors last year, which was 94.8 per cent of the target.

The city held 30 training courses for 2,730 volunteers at 24 district voluntary blood donation centres, two universities and the Humanitarian Blood Donation Centre.

This year the city is looking to get 260,000 units of blood from donors.

To achieve the goal of increasing the blood donation rate, the city plans to enhance publicity to raise community awareness of the benefits of voluntary blood donation and safe blood transfusion.

It seeks to sustain the number of repeat donors and increase the number of people donating blood, especially youths.

At least 30 per cent of government workers, Youth Union members and students, adding up to around 80,000 people, are expected to give blood.

The city's 60,000 medical staff are also encouraged to participate in blood donation campaigns.

The knowledge and skills of personnel running blood donation campaigns will be enhanced.

Annual campaigns like Lễ hội xuân hồng (Red Spring Festival) and Giọt máu hồng hè (Red Blood in Summer), and others run to mark Voluntary Blood Donation Day (April 7) and the World Blood Donor Day (June 14) are organised throughout the year.

Around 61,700 units were collected from donors in the first quarter of this year. — LV

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