Youth Union launches emulation campaign to welcome 13th National Party Congress

by NDO27 December 2020 Last updated at 17:00 PM

Delegates press the button to launch the peak emulation campaign.
Delegates press the button to launch the peak emulation campaign.

VTV.vn - More than 1,500 youth union members and young people participated in the launching ceremony for a 90-day peak emulation campaign in the northern port city of Hai Phong on December 26.

Addressing the event, Politburo member and head of the Party Central Committee’s Mass Mobilisation Commission Truong Thi Mai praised the outstanding achievements attained by the country’s youths in recent times, expressing her pleasure at the growth and maturity of the HCYU and Vietnamese youth movements, contributing significantly to the Party’s revolutionary cause.

She affirmed that the Party and State always pay close attention to creating conditions for young people to develop healthily, comprehensively and harmoniously in terms of both intellectual and physical aspects, as well as to building strong youth union organisations to serve as a solid bridge connecting the Party with youths.

Mai expressed her hope that the 90 days of peak emulation will truly become a deep and wide political activity of the entire HCYU, attracting the active involvement of a large number of youth union members nationwide along with the response of the whole society.

The emulation campaign will strongly promote the role of youth union members and young people through practical deeds and actions associated with activities to welcome the 13th National Party Congress, she said.

The Party official noted that emulation activities should focus more on the life and development opportunities of youth union members and young people, especially for ethnic minorities, those in isolated and remote areas, young workers and vulnerable young people in the society.

Speaking at the ceremony, First Secretary of the HCYU Central Committee Nguyen Anh Tuan stated that, in recent times, youth union organisations nationwide have organised a number of pragmatic activities in celebration of the 13th National Party Congress and the 90th founding anniversary of the HCYU, such as contributing opinions to Congress documents, introducing competent officials to all-level Party committees, honouring exemplary collectives and individuals in patriotic emulation movements, and implementing voluntary and pioneering programmes in socio-economic development.

Earlier, Politburo member Truong Thi Mai and delegates offered incense at the monument dedicated to Nguyen Duc Canh, the founder of the first Communist unit in Vietnam.


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