Youngest contestant won Road to Rainbow 2021

by Hồng Quân27 December 2021 Last updated at 08:00 AM

VTV.vn - Minh Tra, the youngest girl in Road to Rainbow 2021, shone and won the contest.

The end of Road to Rainbow 2021 for actors closed with the re-enactment of the journey to conquer their dream of becoming movie stars.

Specifically, Nam Viet decided to re-enact the remarkable scene from the short film Bringing You Back to Youth; emotional Tran Van recounted the miraculous journey in this season; Minh Tra played opposite roles, including leading actress and villain.

In each challenge, contestants received scores from the audience present on the show. Consequently, Minh Tra obtained 8.3 points, Nam Viet 7.9 points, Tran Van 8.3 points and finally Duc Chau scored the highest 8.5 points.

However, despite getting a high score from the audience, but combined with the results of the professional guest evaluation, the contestant who won the first place was Minh Tra, a disciple of coach Thu Quynh.

After graduating in dance with a good degree from the Military University of Culture and Arts, Minh Tra turned down many good opportunities, including the opportunity to study abroad to the surprise of family and friends.

"At first, when I wasn't getting support from my family, I thought a lot about whether I was naïve or not. Am I really interested in acting? Or is it just a temporary hobby? However, after two years of thinking about it, my love for acting has not diminished but I liked it even more. And when I realized that acting is my passion, I decided to take a chance," Tra said.

By participating in Road to Rainbow 2021 for actors, Minh Tra considers herself a person who has a different starting point than other contestants, so only with efforts each day was she able to progress. Overcoming 6 challenges, being the only contestant of coach Thu Quynh's team present in the final, Minh Tra proved that she has all the skills to become an actress in the future.

Referring to the youngest contestant of the twelve faces of Road to the Rainbow 2021, actress Thu Quynh said: "For me personally, Tra is a blank sheet of paper, I have only shown her where her strengths are. What Minh Tra does today makes me feel like I've made it."

In the final, Minh Tra had to face three highly qualified contestants, Duc Chau, Tran Van and Nam Viet in which she recreated her dream-conquering journey in Road to the Rainbow: "Every round, every challenge for me has its own difficulties. If I choose to reinterpret a role with which I am not satisfied, I will not choose any. It's not because I think I'm good at acting, but because when I play those roles, I did my best and tried very hard to incarnate into the character," she said.

Minh Tra spent time for her final challenge in Road to the Rainbow to showcase her versatility in acting from the lead role to the villain, using her dancing skill in acting to convince the audience, experts and the expert jury.

Journalist Dang Diem Quynh and meritorious artist Xuan Bac shared the same opinion: "The most important thing in acting is to bring real emotions to the audience, which Minh Tra has achieved." And director Khai Anh stated that "Minh Tra is fully capable of taking on roles in TV series in the near future."

Minh Tra's dream is to become a versatile actress who can play all kinds of roles. And the ideal place of work she has always dreamed of is the Drama Production Center, Vietnam Television: "The moment I held the championship trophy in my hand, I felt the weight of the Road to the Rainbow in my hand. Because that moment reminds me that I need to make more efforts on the next trip."

A new door opened for Minh Tra after Road to the Rainbow 2021 and the young girl from Thai Nguyen continues her way to conquer the dream of her life: "I never thought I would be the one who touches that honorable trophy. I felt surprise, bewilderment and then an indescribable happiness. Even when I received the trophy, I was a little scared, afraid that many people would think that I didn't deserve it, I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to bear the weight. I think the judges would definitely see in me a bright future, someone who deserved the trophy. I promise to work non-stop, to try harder so that each new day will be a better version than yesterday."


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