Where to Make the Right Choice makes comeback

by Hồng Quân27 February 2021 Last updated at 12:00 PM

VTV.vn - This year's program will feature famous guests such as Xuan Nghi, Thu Thuy, Wil, Ho Quang Hieu.

Where to Make the Right Choice is a battle for those who are passionate about knowledge in many areas of society. Lasting 60 minutes per episode, 8 players and 2 guest artists will split into 2 teams to face each other.

Under the pressure of time, Where to Make the Right Choice poses challenges for each player. Because, through each question, the team runs the risk of losing its members if giving wrong answers. Therefore, to preserve the number of team members, it is necessary for players to have a lot of knowledge about social life, together with having reasonable tactics.

Specifically, in the first round, each team will have to answer 3 questions. The objective of this round is to preserve as many members as possible through giving right answer to questions, the bonus will now also increase.

For the second round, the fight will continue between the remaining members of the two teams. Each team can revive a member who has been eliminated from the first round. The winner will keep the bonus earned in round 1 and have a chance to win the lucky prize.

The third round is considered the most attractive moment of the show, when the last winners will have 90 seconds to answer 5 separate questions and win a prize of VND 50 million.

As revealed by the producers, the return of season 2 of Where to Make the Right Choice include high-profile guests such as Long Nhat, Thu Thuy, Will 365, Cao Thien Trang, Sam, Xuan Nghi. The first episode of this season featured two guests, singer Ho Quang Hieu and Nam Cuong.

The first episode of Where to Make the Right Choice season 2 will air at 8pm on March 1 on VTV3.


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