“Vu hoi Anh Trang” an impressive fashion show of kid models

by Minh Châu02 September 2022 Last updated at 20:10 PM

VTV.vn - Inspired by a moon-watching festival held with the theme of 'galaxy', the show “Vu hoi Anh Trang” has brought the children a dreamy fairy-tale world.

The children had the chance to meet and interact with Chi Hang and Chu Cuoi, as well as the residents of "Floating Planet", "Grass Planet", "Water Balloon Planet", "Candy Planet", "Planet of Darkness" and "Planet Tuxedo".

The show gathered 150 child models and 7 fashion shows with diverse themes and styles for children to freely transform. Each performance represented a planet. Each planet made a mark in a different fashion style, including the floating, the sweet, the dynamic, the personality, the mysterious and the cool. Furthermore, what all these planets had in common was the depiction of a child's dreaming mind.

In addition to the eye-catching fashion party, "Vu hoi Anh Trang" was also a meeting place for young dancers, all creating a colorful night.

Another highlight of the program was the appearance of an elite artisan, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Quyen. This year, despite being 83 years old, he still has a strong passion for traditional toys. Coming to the show, he gave each child a ‘keo quan” lantern - a toy like a mini cinema. This is not only a meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival toy for the little ones, but it also expresses the wish of the organizers about preserving the beauty of the national culture.

"Vu hoi Anh Trang - The Fashion show" was a beautiful memory on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival 2022, making a mark of maturity as these children were able to confidently stand on a big stage to unleash their talents. This was a rare opportunity for each child to learn about the Mid-Autumn Festival with traditional folk toys as well.

“Vu hoi Anh Trang” an impressive fashion show of kid models


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