VTV's "Green Zone of Hope" campaign on digital platform: spreading a positive attitude during the p

by Hồng Quân24 August 2021 Last updated at 09:00 AM

VTV.vn - The campaign is conducted on VTVGo, VTV24 News Center Fanpage, VTV24 Youtube, Tiktok VTV24, Instagram and other VTV social networking channels.

In the framework of phase 2 of the campaign "You are healthy, Vietnam is healthy" implemented jointly by VTV Digital and Vinamilk, a series of programs and activities with the message "Green Zone of Hope" were deployed on the VTV Digital network with the desire to share useful information and knowledge about the fight against the epidemic, and at the same time promote a positive attitude of each individual to overcome the pandemic.

The campaign not only provides scientific instructions and experiences of real people which are useful and easy-to-understand to help people to protect themselves and their families during the epidemic, at the same time relieves their stress in the social distancing period by connecting and sharing together in cyberspace. The network is virtual, but what we can do for each other is real.

The campaign will have many forms of transmission such as:

The "Smart Anti-pandemic" video series provides standard knowledge related to the COVID-19 epidemic, especially skills in protection, medical care, self-management and treatment when needed, real stories and experiences of Covid-19 patients and doctors. It also aims at timely countering false information and knowledge about the spread of the epidemic on social networks and give scientific answers from leading doctors, national and foreign official sources.

Livestream "Smart Anti-pandemic" creates an online forum to answer questions and concerns during the epidemic season related to the prevention, control and treatment of diseases of all patients and suspected virus carriers, their family members and all interested viewers who want to protect themselves and their families during the epidemic season.

The livestream forwards audience questions to leading physicians with experience in treating epidemics at home and abroad, recovered patients and medical experts with prestige.

The interactive activities spread the message "Green Zone of Hope" calling the people to share their joys and positive moments each day. The messages express the feeling when participating in activities to help the poor and the pandemic-hit people, giving them medical equipment, food and basic necessities to overcome the epidemic. The messages talk about the moments of spending time caring for family, or the joy of learning new knowledge and skills during time of isolation at home.

To participate in the campaign, each person posts on their personal social networking site (Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter) photos, short videos, articles sharing positive emotions, joy and happiness, hope in their life and attaches the campaign hashtag #VungXanhHyVong #BanKhoeManhVietNamKhoeManh #VTVDigital #Vinamilk so that they could be found by VTV Digital and everyone.

VTV Digital's editorial board will select the most impressive stories to share on VTV's social media channels.

Podcast "Hey! Listen!" released during the time of raging epidemic in Vietnam, a time when almost everyone had to stay home and have more time for themselves, with the goal of being a place to listen to everyone's thoughts, to be a friend who can help you with experience.


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