VTVMoney wins Vietnam Digital Awards 2022

by Hồng Quân09 October 2022 Last updated at 14:00 PM

VTV.vn - The VTVMoney economic information ecosystem of the Center for Digital Content Production and Development (VTV Digital), Vietnam Television, has won the Vietnam Digital Awards.

35 products, services and solutions; 7 enterprises, non-budgeted units and 7 state agencies with outstanding achievements in digital transformation were honored at the Vietnam Digital Transformation Awards - Vietnam Digital Awards 2022 (VDA 2022).

The full name of Vietnam Digital Awards is "The program for voting and awarding Vietnam Digital Transformation Awards - Vietnam Digital Awards". This is an annual program held under the chairmanship of the Vietnam Digital Media Association and the sponsorship of the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Launched on April 21, VDA 2022 has received nearly 400 nomination files submitted from all over the country, all in online format, demonstrating the strong and substantial digital transformation in the organization itself. This is also a new Vietnam Digital Awards record after five seasons.

Through the scientific, objective, professional and fair reviews and evaluation process of the judges, who are leading experts in technology and digital transformation, belonging to 02 Preliminary and Finalist Councils, the Organizing Committee has selected 49 most deserving names to honor the VDA 2022 award ceremony, divided into 5 categories:

- Category 1: Typical digital transformation products, services, and solutions.

- Category 2: Excellent digital transformation enterprises and non-business units.

- Category 3: State agency with excellent digital transformation.

- Category 4: Digital transformation products and solutions for the community

- Category 5: Foreign products, services and solutions

The economic information ecosystem VTVMoney of the Center for Development and Production of Digital Content (VTV Digital), Vietnam Television, won awards in the category of products, services and solutions typical of digital transformation.

The economic information ecosystem called VTVMoney, built by the Center for Digital Content Development and Production (VTVDigital), is a unique multi-platform content complex in the field of Economics, aiming to reach more viewers, not only the audience sitting in front of the traditional TV screen, but also people who update the information minute by minute through mobile devices and smart devices.

Launched in May 2022, VTVMoney is a combination of multiplatform information in the economic field with economic news and columns such as Business Finance, Financial Flow, Order Matching, Cryptocurrency Secrets, Real Estate Lens. Every day, VTVMoney produces and distributes to the public hundreds of multimedia news broadcasts.

Although newly launched, VTVMoney inherits the influence of prestigious economic programs on VTV1 and leverages the extensive digital distribution capabilities of VTVGo, VTVMoney's website and major social networks. Average viewership of 100,000 per broadcast.

Vietnam Television in general and the Center for Digital Content Development and Production (VTVDigital) in particular have set a goal to build VTVMoney into a prestigious multi-platform leading economic-financial communication complex in Vietnam, providing a wealth of comprehensive, accurate, timely and personalized information to the public anytime and anywhere, objectively reflecting economic flows, spreading positive energy, creating aspirations to develop a powerful and prosperous country.

The Center for Digital Content Development and Production (VTV Digital) is the unit assigned by the leaders of Vietnam Television to pioneer the development of the multimedia communication model.

Building and developing VTVMoney - a multi-platform economic information ecosystem is one of the important tasks of VTV Digital in 2022, adequately and correctly responding to the information needs of people, businesses, markets, schools and the economy.


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