VTV7's purple cat Meo Meo first show-up in Japan

by Hồng Quân11 June 2019 Last updated at 00:00 AM

VTV.vn - This is the first time the purple cat Meo Meo came to play with the children at AEON Mall Lake Town, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

In the framework of Vietnam Fair 2019 at AEON Mall Lake Town, Saitama Prefecture, NHK Television Station of Japan in collaboration with the Center for Production of Education Programs (VTV7), Vietnam Television, organized the special event "Having fun with WanWan" - the famous white dog in the familiar "Peek a Boo" program (Vietnamese name is "Ú òa"). In particular, this is the first time Wan Wan invited his close friend from Vietnam - purple cat Meo Meo to play with him and the young audience in Japan.

Organized on two time slots: 10:30 am and 13:00 pm on June 8, 2019, at the event, Wan Wan and Meo Meo have brought interesting experiences to hundreds of children and their parents. They listened to the familiar melodies in both languages, Japanese and Vietnamese of “U Oa - Peak a Boo” program. The songs Banzai, Bubble and Sky, Wow ... helped the children develop comprehensively both physically and mentally. Not only an entertainment program, "Having fun with Wan Wan" is also a useful playground, stimulating the abilities to dance and sing in children.

In Japan, “U Oa - Peak a Boo” is a television program for children, aired on NHK's Education Channel since 1996. Targeting at children aged between 0-2, the programs receives mentoring and collaboration from experts on children. Made from a careful research on their pycho-physiology, “U Oa” has become a favorite television program for a large number of Japanese parents and their children for more than 20 years.

Since 2016, “U Oa - Peak a Boo” has its Vietnamese adaptation and aired at 20:00 daily on VTV7 National Education Channel. This is a cooperative product between NHK Japan Television and the Center for Production of Education Programs, Vietnam Television.

With the advice of NHK production team, the program has been changed to become more suitable for Vietnamese children's psychology.

If WanWan is a typical image of NHK Japan, then VTV7 has built the image of purple cat Meo Meo – the program host just like NHK's Wan Wan dog.

The songs associated with the childhood of Vietnamese children such as: Early Sunshine, Tap Tam Vong, Rain and Sunshine ... are also included by Meo Meo and Wan Wan in their programs. After 3 seasons of broadcasting since 2016, this is the first time VTV7 and NHK introduced purple cat Meo Meo brand to the Japanese audience, creating among them surprise, excitement and love.

Asada from Shibuya, Tokyo said: "U Oa program is very popular in Japan. At today's event, my child and I were very glad at joining in dancing and singing activities with Wan Wan and Meo Meo ... The purple cat Meo Meo is indeed very cute and very suitable for my daughter's age, I also want this character to participate in similar events so as for my daughter to have fun and interact with both Wan Wan and Meo Meo ".

The event "Having joy with Wan Wan" with the first appearance of Meo Meo - the purple cat character built by VTV7, brought a new image to the “U Oa” show after more than 20 years of broadcasting in Japan. This showed the approach of VTV7 to the demand for educational and entertainment programs not only in the Vietnamese market but also the tastes and feelings of young audiences around the world.

Join the "Meo Meo in Japan" minigame, you and your children, on fanpage VTV7 KIDS right now for not to miss this event, and have the opportunity to receive "made in Japan" gifts from “U Oa” production team.

“U Oa” is broadcast on 20:00 on weekdays only on VTV7.

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