VTV7 – A future of inspiring education

by Hien Anh10 November 2015 Last updated at 16:00 PM

VTV.vn - VTV7 produces educational programs to convey knowledge and inspiration to the audience.

From November 20th 2015, National Educational Television Channel of Vietnam Television starts an internal trial broadcast to assess the overall and the content of each program before officially airing on January 1st 2016 on DVB-T2, VTVcab, SCTV, Internet, ect.

National Educational Television Channel wants to inspire the audience via this effective educational method.

According to President of Educational Programs Center – Nhat Hoa, programs produced by VTV7 will differ from other educational programs, which containing heavy theories.

“The distinguished point of our programs is not only to convey knowledge, but also inspirations for education. A successful TV program will provide the audience a wide range of knowledge and also encourage them to know more about History, Math, Literature, Physics, etc.

Beat-boxer Minh Kien will host “Learning History is awesome!” 

Beat-boxer Minh Kien will host “Learning History is awesome!” 

VTV7 will concentrate on social education and lifetime education. Everyday on VTV7 will be full of inspirations for the audience, ranging from children to adults. Adults can spend a few minutes in the morning for meditation. Children can joyfully sing along songs about morning routines. Housewives can inspire from cooking programs. A long day will end up with children’s book reading or chamber music programs.

Despite the majority of educational programs, VTV7 will also feature entertaining shows. VTV7 will broadcast movies and stories about schools. Besides, educational cartoons from Korea, UK, Spain and Vietnamese will be brought to the young audience. Knowledge, behaviors, lifestyles are also spread via music, which is played in various ways.

Behind the scene of “Science Discovery – Giant experiments” 

Behind the scene of “Science Discovery – Giant experiments” 

One of the most crucial factors of VTV7 programs is advisory board. With the participation of professors and experts from Education Ministry, the knowledge provided by VTV7 will ensure standards of compliance-oriented curriculum that Education Ministry issued. VTV7 aims at spreading knowledge via interesting methods.


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