VTV3 expands playing field to a diverse audience

by Hồng Quân01 April 2022 Last updated at 12:00 PM

VTV.vn - The VTV3 channel which turns 26 years old will bring many novelties aimed at a diverse audience, especially competitions at the national level.

On March 31, 2022, VTV3 channel, Vietnam Television, turns 26. On this occasion, the Entertainment Program Production Department will offer many new highlights: programs and game shows aimed at diverse audiences and competitions on a national scale with the aim of spreading positive and optimistic messages about the pride of the people and country of Vietnam.

After a period of research and preparation, the new version of We the Soldiers coordinated by Vietnam Television and the General Policy Department is expected to air on VTV3 from April 30. The 2022 version with the name "Military Zone No. 1" aims to provide the audience with images of excellent collectives and individuals of Uncle Ho's army in combat training.

The team challenges are created based on the historical battles of the Vietnam People's Army in the twentieth century. The tests will be carried out in various terrains designed to simulate real battlefield. The qualities of Uncle Ho's soldiers, such as intelligence, industriousness, ingenuity, combined with the soldier's forged personality, such as discipline, strength and resilience, will be exposed in the challenge, presented to the TV audience to inspire on them pride and faith in the strength of the Vietnam People's Army.

Together with the Fun Village game show, which takes the public to the handicraft villages for them to learn about local specialties, over the past year, the Entertainment Program Production Department coordinated with the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor to build a new game show project for workers. Scheduled to launch from May 29, 2022 on the VTV3 channel, the 9th Hour + program will be an interesting event to present the talents of Vietnamese workers. This is a playground to showcase their outstanding skills, thus helping them to be more proud of the job they are practicing.

The show encourages workers to show off their own talents, the spirit of learning and creativity so as not only to acquire good skills but also to climb higher in their career ladder, foster their spirit of competition and cultivate traditions. In this way, 9th Hour+ expresses the voices and aspirations of workers, aspirations in line with the progress of society.

Since the beginning of April, the show The Little Valedictorian entered casting round. The program is aimed at primary school students, in order to find candidates who have knowledge and academic achievements. It is aimed at upholding the tradition of studiousness, respect for virtue and arbitration that have been nurtured in the Vietnamese society. At the end of April, the production team will start recording the national final contest of season 1 and the matches of season 2. The Little Valedictorian season 2 is expected to be broadcast from June 4, 2022 on VTV3 channel

Along with creating the new playgrounds for workers, farmers, army men and children, the Entertainment Program Production Department focuses on renewing existing programs including Health and Wellness, which penetrates the hearts of older adults, distilling a spirit of optimism, love of life; Who Is a Millionaire invests in the selection of players as well as in the content of the question; the Road to the Olympus Mount always freshens the spirit of the contestants with a set of updated questions about the current situation; Smart Money, Smart Money: the program produced in collaboration with the State Bank of Vietnam has been renewed to be broadcast in prime time on VTV3.

As a family date with the audience, The Morning Coffee show is working on a new version in 2022. The program is expected to continue closely following the cultural, social and entertainment life in the spirit of helping the audience welcome a new day with new energy. Parallel to the morning schedule, the Entertainment Program Production Department is working on contents for the 18:00 hour time slot of VTV3, from Monday to Friday. Choosing the genre of behind-the-scenes news to provide experiences full of surprises and emotions, the show will give interesting answers to the questions "why" and "how". Along with the on-air version, each program of the Entertainment Program Production Department has its own digital version, in order to attract the attention of the audience on the digital platform.

The common point of the programs and contests of the VTV3 channel is to evoke optimism and pride for the country and the people of Vietnam. These values will be expressed vividly throughout each program such as: Morning Coffee, Happy Village, 9th Hour+, We the Soldiers, Road to the Olympus Mount, The Little Valedictorian, among others. In such spirit, in July, the new program Hello Vietnam will be broadcast.


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