VTV wins special award at the National Press Awards for the cause of Vietnam Education 2022

by Hồng Quân10 November 2022 Last updated at 08:00 AM

VTV.vn - At the Ceremony of National Press Awards For Vietnam Education 2022, VTV won a special award and a first prize.

On the morning of November 9, the National Press Awards Ceremony For the Cause of Vietnam Education 2022 was held at the Hanoi Opera House and broadcast live on VTV2 channel. The award ceremony was attended by Le Hai Binh, alternate member of the Party Central Committee, Deputy Head of the Central Propaganda Department; Ngo Thi Minh - Deputy Minister of Education and Training; Nguyen Thanh Lam - Deputy Minister of Information and Communications; Nguyen Ngoc An - Chairman of the Vietnam Education Trade Union; Journalist Trieu Ngoc Lam, Editor-in-Chief of the Education and Times newspaper.

In addition, leaders of departments, ministries, branches and press agencies attended the National Press Awards Ceremony for the Cause of Vietnam Education in 2022. Especially journalists from press organs with winning works.

In 2022, the number of printed, electronic, radio and television works sent to the Organizing Committee is more than 800 from a large number of press organs from the central to the local level. It should be noted that the number of winning entries per locality has also increased significantly compared to previous years.

After a rigorous selection process, 80 works were pre-selected. Of these works, the Jury awarded one special prize; 4 first prizes; 8 second prizes; 12 third prizes; 28 consolation prizes and 2 typical characters in 2 winning works. In which, Vietnam Television won 2 prizes, among them:


The only special prize in the National Press Awards for Vietnam Education in 2022 belongs to the work Southern Students - A Time to Remember by the group of authors: Vo Thi Anh Tuyet, Bui Dinh Duong, Nguyen Hong Quang, Nguyen Doan Luu, Nguyen Tran Dung, Le Bat Hieu, Nguyen Tran Kim Tien from the Vietnam Television Center in Ho Chi Minh City.

Wishing to join historical witnesses who were students from many Southern localities studying in the North to recall old memories, the Vietnam Television Center in Ho Chi Minh City has made the documentary "Southern Students - A Time to Remember." The 3 episodes tell a real and moving story about the process of going to the North to study, the achievements and contributions of students from the South.

"Leave", "Red Seed", "Return" are the titles of 3 episodes Southern Student - A Time to Remember. The film narrates the memories of a time of the sons of Southern cadres, soldiers and compatriots who went to the North to study from 1954 to 1975.

Beginning shooting in 2021, the film was made by the production crew in 18 provinces stretching from the south to the center and north. In addition to searching for valuable documents, contacting and interviewing many witnesses, in early 2022, the film crew recreated scenes in the North. Through the journey to many places and schools where generations of students from the South studied, the film will tell the audience unforgettable memories and a touching story about wartime. All are sacred memories, a time to remember forever.

The Department of Science and Education Programs of Vietnam Television was honored to win the first prize with the work "The Resilient Sower" by the group of authors: Nguyen Van Ba, Truong Tuan Nghia, Nguyen Trung Toan, Nguyen Minh Ngoc and Ho Nu Thi .

The Resilient Sower is a touching story about teacher Ho Van Loi and his colleagues who for many years regularly return to the village twice a week, sowing letters for the first and second graders of Mong village in Po Chu village.

"For the Cause of Vietnam's Education" is an annual journalism awards organized by the Ministry of Education and Training in collaboration with the Central Communication and Education Commission, the Ministry of Information and Communications and the Vietnam Journalists Association. The Education and Times newspaper is in charge running the event.

The award aims to honor authors with many excellent journalistic works on education; typical groups and individuals who have made many contributions to the cause of education.

In the fifth year of its organization, the Awards have affirmed their position and prestige among national journalism awards. Over the years, not only has the number of entries increased, but the quality has always improved, demonstrating the enthusiasm and creativity of the authors to the education sector.


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