VTV Special: The Limits Is Breathtaking, Disturbing and Tormenting

by Hồng Quân04 September 2021 Last updated at 17:00 PM

VTV Special: The Limits Is Breathtaking, Disturbing and Tormenting - Documentary filmmaker Ta Quynh Tu had many unforgettable memories during the time he worked in Ho Chi Minh City to produce the VTV Special "The Limits".

The story of the life and death battle for the lives of pregnant women will be told in the VTV special: "The Limits".

During more than half a month of being at the treatment site for pregnant women with COVID-19, the film crew had to wear the protective gear all the time.

"The doctors at Hung Vuong Hospital taught us to wear protective gear very carefully. Especially when we change clothes, which is when the chance of getting infected is the highest. And every 3 to 5 days we had to take one PCR test for coronavirus," filmmaker Ta Quynh Tu said.

"There are many stories and situations that left impressions, obsessions and even torments on me. There was a moment that can save lives but it can also be a moment of helplessness, sadness and disappointment when the victim dies."

Using no commentary, only haunting sounds and realistic, vivid visuals, the documentary VTV Special "The Limits" tells a poignant story about human love, compatriotism while honoring doctors and nurses who are fighting the pandemic.

VTV special: The Limits will air at 8:10 p.m. on Wednesday, September 8 on VTV1. Please, stay tuned.