Let's Love Each Other officially airs at 8 pm September 5

by Hồng Quân04 September 2021 Last updated at 09:00 AM

VTV.vn - A completely new and extremely emotional show will hit the audience at 8pm on September 5 on VTV3 – Let's Love Each Other.

Let's Love Each Other is the title of a famous Trinh Cong Son song that his family agreed to allow the show to use.

The program tells stories of love with joy and problems in life of couples who are about to date or who face conflicts in their marriage. Through challenges and questions of the program, the audience will draw experiences and learn how to behave, to understand themselves and love each other and together overcome the challenges in life.

The show's guests had conflicts in the past, which makes them indecisive in the present and a little uncertain about the future. With the support of experienced people like psychologists, artist couples, those knots will be untied naturally. The production team is not limited to just telling a love story of two male and female characters, but seeks the empathy of the audience.

Duy Anh, one of the guests, said, "The show comforts the guests and explores the character's inner emotional development. The exchanges with presenters and artists inspire me to say things that even never occur my innermost thoughts. Let's fall in love, express the feelings that have remained dormant due to the pressure of life during the epidemic so that each one feels better about each other and thinks more positively about the future."

Don't forget to tune in to VTV3 channel at 8pm on September 5 to watch Let's Love Each Other!


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