VTV hosts ABU Administrative Council

by Hong Quan10 May 2017 Last updated at 09:00 AM

VTV hosts ABU Administrative Council
ABU GA in Bali 2016 - For the first time Vietnam Television hosts a meeting of the Asia Broadcasting Union's "board of directors" in Hoi An city on May 19.

The meeting gathers major Asian broadcasters' executives including NHK, KBS, TDM, among others. 
The  meeting's agenda include discussing how to make ABU operations more effective under the Union's 2016-2020 Action Plan and how to put into practice the projects and activities approved by ABU. 

The meeting  hears report presented by the Secretary General and discuss other issues including the new members admission, the Union finance and next agenda of activities and the ratification of action plan for the Council 102th meeting in Bali, Indonesia. 

On the sideline of the meeting, VTV President met with NHK and KBS, two VTV major partners. 

ABU Administrative Council has 16 members. VTV was elected to the Council in 2014 at the ABU General Assembly in Macau, China.