VTV Digital won the A prize of the Press Award on the Development of Culture and Elegant and Civil

by Hồng Quân04 October 2022 Last updated at 11:00 AM

VTV.vn - The work of a group of reporters from VTV Digital, Vietnam Television is one of the three most excellent that won the A prize of this year's award.

On the afternoon of October 2, the Fifth Press Awards Ceremony on Cultural Development and Building the Elegant and Civilized Style of People of Hanoi - 2022 was held at Noon Gate of Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, Hanoi City.

This year's journalism award continues to attract the attention and response of a large number of press agencies and reporters. The Organizing Committee has received 265 entries from 40 media outlets, of which 96 are print works, 113 works from electronic newspapers, 17 works from radio and 39 works from television. All of them show the love and spirit of seriousness and creativity and responsibility of journalists for the capital Hanoi.

The award jury has selected two excellent media agencies and 33 best journalistic works to award, including 3 A prizes, 5 B prizes, 10 C prizes, 15 consolation prizes.

Three A winning works include "Digitization to revive heritage and create history" by Capital Security Newspaper, "Where is sidewalk cultural space going?" by Urban Economic Newspaper and "1K Restaurant for Children with Cancer" by Vietnam Television.

"1K Restaurant for Children with Cancer" was made by a group of reporters Manh Cuong, Gia Long (Center for Digital Content Development and Production, Vietnam Television).

Sharing on stage to receive the award, reporter Manh Cuong (VTV Digital) said that initially, the authors only set the goal of making a TV report on a 1000 dong meal for pediatric cancer patients. However, when they began exploring the story, the group was very moved and impressed by a very special father.

"Having a son with cancer, the father accompanied his son on his journey to cure his disease. This father had to quit his job in order for him and the child to go from hospital to hospital to treat the cancer. But in the end, the kid did not survive and whose last wish was that the father can build a pink house for his toddler," shared Manh Cuong.

The team went to the character's house and found that this house was very impressive: inside a big house there is a small house with lots of toys, everything from the kitchen and the bed are prepared for the child. The father shared that the child had been lying in that house for about 30 minutes before taking the last breath.

"When we heard this story and the father's account, we got goosebumps and decided to find more materials about that house. Cameraman Gia Long went inside the house to shoot every single object. The small details show how big this father's enthusiasm is," the male reporter continued to share.

Particularly, when the report was aired, the team received many comments from the audience. Philanthropists also came to the house to help. "We feel that the love in that story has spread in the community. We are happy that our efforts brought more value to the audience," Manh Cuong confided.

According to the evaluation of the Award Jury, this year's submissions have richer, more diverse and uniform quality and content. Many journalistic works have been carefully prepared, adhered to reality; accurately, rightly and timely reflected the problems in cultural development to create extreme positive side effects in the society.

The Fifth Press Awards Ceremony on Cultural Development and Building the Elegant and Civilized Style of People of Hanoi - 2022 is one of the meaningful and practical activities to celebrate the 68th anniversary of the Capital Liberation Day (October 10, 1954 - October 10, 2022.)


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