VTV Digital and Coc Coc cooperate to promote distribution of digital TV content

by Hồng Quân03 December 2020 Last updated at 07:00 AM

VTV.vn - VTV Digital and Coc Coc signed a Memorandum of Cooperation to promote the potential of the two sides in digital transformation, distributing TV content to Vietnamese Internet users through the Coc Coc browser and search engine platform.

Accordingly, VTV Digital will be producing and providing quality and reliable content. Meanwhile, Coc Coc, with technological advantages, will be the unit in charge of developing the system of distributing these contents in digital platforms. In addition, the two sides also identified each other as reliable partner in supporting the information and promotion of the content and technology platforms that each party owns.

VTV Digital and Coc Coc will research and implement the following common products:

- Video suggestions according to user preferences: The feature is integrated right on the new tab of Coc Coc browser, suggesting the latest and most popular videos of VTV according to the topic that users are interested in.

- Provide official and timely news: Through the news reading page on Coc Coc browser, users will have the opportunity to access the current and hot news of VTV.

Integrated live TV viewing feature: Users can enjoy VTV's TV content directly through the playback feature on Coc Coc browser.

Sharing his view about this cooperation, Journalist Le Quang Minh - Director of The Center for Digital Content Production and Development (VTV Digital) - Vietnam Television said: "On the roadmap of innovation of digital content production and development model, VTV Digital wishes to find quality and reliable partners to accompany VTV in distributing TV content on digital platforms effectively".

We see Coc Coc as such a partner when owning a browser with 25 million Internet users in Vietnam. We hope that with the outstanding strengths of both sides, the cooperation will bring the best experience to users, helping the audience easily access the rich content of THVN on the digital environment," he added.

Putting a lot of expectations on this new cooperation project, representatives of Coc Coc - Ms. Dao Thu Phuong - Deputy General Director of Coc Coc said: "Through cooperation with VTV Digital, Coc Coc hopes to promote the available technology resources as well as the advantages of a leading domestic browser to distribute a huge content store which is attractive and trustful from National Television to Internet users nationwide, ensuring to satisfy the needs of updating information and entertainment of different groups of audiences. We expect that Coc Coc's users will have the opportunity to access digital TV content in a more proactive way."

Towards a larger goal, VTV Digital and Coc Coc hope to support each other to build the first platform in promoting TV content distribution, contributing to the national digital transformation strategy.


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