VTV Can Tho and a year of journey with viewers - striving for national television excellence

by Khánh Huyền12 November 2023 Last updated at 09:38 AM

VTV.vn - For more than a year of broadcasting, VTV Can Tho Television, with its renewed mission, has effectively fulfilled its role in communication by providing carefully crafted content to viewers.

As the national television, VTV always recognizes its responsibility to excel in the role of disseminating information and communication to contribute to national socio-economic development and nation building. In the vital southwest region of Vietnam, which covers nearly 20% of the country's total land area and population, Vietnam Television has made serious efforts to enhance the effective execution of its political missions through the operation of VTV9 and VTV5 Southwest. However, the changing reality poses new demands and requires adjustments to promptly meet the information needs in line with the region's increasingly distinct development.

After a trial broadcasting period from 05:30 on October 10, 2022, VTV officially launched the national television channel for the Southwest region (VTV Can Tho) at 18:00 on October 13, 2022, targeting the audience in the Southwest and those nationwide who are interested in the Mekong Delta region.

VTV Can Tho broadcasts 18 hours a day, from 5:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., offering a wide range of programs, from news and commentary to specialized topics, documentaries and talk shows. Information and communication in all fields, including economics, politics, culture, society, education, health, and national defense, have been broadcast to the people nationwide, with special emphasis on the 20 million people of the Mekong Delta region. This effort helps amplify the voice of the Party and the government to the people in the region.

In addition to traditional television broadcasting, VTV Can Tho also has a presence on the national digital television platform, VTVGo, operated by the Vietnam Television (VTV) network, as well as other online platforms. Faced with the common challenges of conventional television and specific issues related to infrastructure, human resources and more, VTV Can Tho... VTV Can Tho has carefully selected appropriate solutions, increased work efficiency and received support from various units within the same network. Thanks to these efforts, the content and presentation of the products delivered to the audience have been widely accepted.

On the afternoon of October 27, the Vietnam Television Center for the Southwest Region held a meeting to celebrate VTV Can Tho's one year of broadcasting. The event was attended by the leadership of VTV, Military Zone 9, representatives from the 13 provinces and cities in the Mekong Delta region, Can Tho's Departments of Information and Communication, Departments of Culture, Sports and Tourism, local radio and television stations, regional press agencies in the Mekong Delta, and VTV Can Tho's partner organizations.

The leadership of VTV commended and rewarded the collectives and individuals who made outstanding efforts and positive contributions during the year of VTV Can Tho's broadcasting.

At the meeting, Mr. Le Ngoc Quang, Director General of VTV, praised and highly appreciated the efforts made by VTV Can Tho over the past year. Despite the fact that the channel, as a national television station based in the region, faces significant challenges in terms of personnel and equipment, its management, journalists, editors and staff have effectively fulfilled their roles. The Director General of VTV expressed his hope that VTV Can Tho will continue to make even greater efforts to fulfill its responsibilities under the new circumstances.

General Director of VTV, Mr. Le Ngoc Quang.

The television team of VTV Can Tho also received recognition for their wholehearted contributions to the fulfillment of the communication mission. Mr. Vo Ngoc Van Quan, Deputy Director in charge of VTV Can Tho, took note of the instruction from the General Director of VTV and reaffirmed his commitment to continue leading the unit together with the Party Committee to achieve even greater success in the field of communication.

Inheriting the rich legacy of over 40 years as a regional television station, the generations of VTV Can Tho staff have continued to strive for development and improve the quality of its broadcasts in order to truly live up to the trust, expectations, and most importantly, the standard of a national television station in the hearts of the viewers.

Over the past year, VTV Can Tho's programs have made a significant impact on viewers. Notable among them are documentaries, reports, segments and skits such as "Birds and Waters of the Mekong Delta", "Remembering the Mekong Delta", "Mekong Delta Memories", "Agriculture 4.0", "A New Way" and the "Hotline". These are complemented by four news bulletins that closely follow major events and reflect issues of public interest. Over the past year, VTV Can Tho has also conducted more than 10 live television programs covering important regional and national events.

After one year of broadcasting, VTV Can Tho aims to serve as a "bridge", providing a wealth of useful information to television audiences nationwide. Starting in 2024, VTV Can Tho will focus on robust development of digital content and infrastructure. This development will build on traditional values while maintaining the quality of a reputable news source and incorporating innovation to serve a diverse audience.

In addition, VTV Can Tho will continue to introduce new shows in cooperation with strategic partners, such as film clips, entertainment programs, education, and the organization of annual cultural and artistic competitions that bear the distinctive hallmark of VTV Can Tho...


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