VTV broadcasts national TV channel VTV Can Tho

by Hồng Quân10 October 2022 Last updated at 05:00 AM

VTV.vn - At 5:30 a.m. on October 10, 2022, VTV put on test transmission and is expected to officially broadcast Can Tho TV channel on October 13, 2022.

VTV Can Tho is a national channel serving people in the southwest region and those across the country who are interested in the Mekong Delta region.

As a national TV, VTV is always aware of its responsibility and well fulfills its function of informing on socio-economic development, national construction and defense. Vietnam Television has been striving to increase the effectiveness of political tasks in this area through the activities of VTV9 and VTV5 channels in the southwest, but due to many new requirements, it must adjust itself to quickly meet the information needs associated with the increasingly evident development of this area.

VTV6 channel was born in 2007. During the trajectory of 15 years, VTV6 channel has completed an important goal, which is to orient, guide and influence the ideology, morality and lifestyle of Vietnamese youth and teenagers.

In Implementing the Prime Minister's direction on building Vietnam TV Station into a major multimedia communication agency and the Prime Minister's Directive on improving the efficiency of political tasks of information and communication, essential information for the period 2021 - 2025, after a period of research and practical evaluation, Vietnam TV Station restructured its organization and TV channels by stopping the production and broadcasting of VTV6 channel from 0: 00 on October 10, 2022 and the content for teenagers will air in other domestic TV channels, on VTV Can Tho TV channel and other platforms of Vietnam TV.

Vietnam Television built a national television channel, VTV Can Tho, with contents targeting the Southwest region aiming at strengthening Vietnam Television's information, propaganda and political tasks in this area; creating an effective bridge between the Government and local authorities and local people in disseminating, inspiring and creating motivation to contribute to building a good society; at the same time, reflecting the thoughts, feelings, aspirations, current affairs of interest of the people in the area, satisfying the needs of information, entertainment and sports imbued with the cultural identity of the locals, gradually building and cultivating the affiliation of the audience in the Mekong Delta.

VTV Can Tho, a national television channel with general information serving the people of the southwest region, broadcasts 18 hours a day, from 5:30 to 23:30. With the criteria of proximity, imbued with the imprint of western rivers, dynamism in integration, promoting links between localities in the Mekong Delta with Ho Chi Minh City and nationwide, the main contents of VTV Can Tho channel includes news program, political opinion; cultural, entertainment and sports programs; scientific program; movies and other shows.

In an effort to meet the audience's need for up-to-date information, the Vietnam Television Center in the southwest region has created a system of four news bulletins, including Western Today (morning, noon, evening) and Quick News (21:30). The bulletins will continuously update the latest, most interesting and relevant information in 13 provinces and cities in the southwest region. In addition, documentary and educational programs are produced in depth to present the history, cultural beauty of the Southwest region, scenic places and heritage of the region in addition to scientific, educational, consulting and knowledge dissemination programs such as: Medical Connection Seminar, Agricultural Bridge, Agriculture 4.0, Chronicle, Documentary.

The culture and entertainment segment is also a new highlight of the channel with traditional art, music and entertainment programs suited to the culture and tastes of people in the West. In the feature films segment, good movies at home and abroad will be broadcast, belonging to the socio-psychological genre, which is very popular with the audience. Sports programs offer the audience news, national and international competitions, local sports events and the best matches on VTV Can Tho.

VTV Can Tho channel, imbued with the imprint of western rivers, dynamic in integration, will maintain its position as a main television channel in the Mekong Delta with the newly built broadcasting schedule meeting the essential requirements of propaganda and the needs of people in the southwest region.


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