Vietnamese student meets Royal Danish Prince at a global talent conference in Denmark

by H.N13 April 2016 Last updated at 15:00 PM

VTV.vn - Ha Kim Nhan, 26, from Vietnam recently had a unique experience at a global talent conference in Denmark.

As member of an exclusive student community in Denmark of dedicated, international, young students, she got the chance to see His Royal Highness Prince Joachim of Denmark interviewed live in an open dialogue about living abroad and about Denmark as a career destination.

On the 2nd of April, a group of 180 dedica ted international, young talents, currently living and studying in Denmark, met HRH Prince Joachim of Denmark in the headquarter of COWI, a large international Danish engineering company. The young talents had the unique opportunity to meet a Danish Prince together with selected Danish global businesses like Maersk, Novo Nordisk, Grundfos, Coloplast and Microsoft. One of those talented young people was Kim Nhan from Hanoi, Vietnam who is studying Master of Finance & International Businessat Aarhus University in Denmark.

Kim Nhan (right) in a photo with HRH Prince Joachim

Kim Nhan (right) in a photo with HRH Prince Joachim

“It was an honor to talk to HRH Prince Joachim and learn from his experience in an open-minded interview. Like me, he has lived an international life, studied and worked abroad. It tells a lot about Denmark as a low-hierarchy society that I as a student in a very informal environment can encounter a member of the Danish Royal Family. I think it is beneficial for connecting our countries and I got an impression of a Danish Prince who seemed very interested in young international talents.”, says Kim Nhan.

Kim Nhan is part of a global talent and career development program in Denmark, a community of more than 600 young internationals using their student network to create bilateral mobility and future career opportunities in Denmark, while studying and living in the country.

”With the career programs for young talents in Denmark, we are engaging international talents from all over the world. In today’s global economy, talent mobility is a huge driver for intercultural exchange, innovation and international business. By working closely with our young talents, we are connecting Denmark with the home countries of selected international students on a people to people level, which already is showing great results,” HRH Prince Joachim of Denmark said when attending the talent conference.

HRH Prince Joachim took photo with participants of International Talent Conference 2016 (Source: Copenhagen Capacity)
HRH Prince Joachim took photo with participants of International Talent Conference 2016 (Source: Copenhagen Capacity)

Connecting countries and business on a people to people level

When the young global talents met at the international talent conference north of Copenhagen, the discussion was centered on Denmark as a career destination, possibilities of the work-life balanced Danish society as well as matchmaking with Danish businesses.

“In today’s global economy, highly qualified and skilled labour is crucial for international competitiveness, innovation and entrepreneurship. By working closely with international students, we are connecting Denmark and Danish business with the home countries of our young talents on a people to people level, and thereby creating a lot of bilateral business opportunities for both countries in question”, says NikolajLubanski, Director of Talent at Copenhagen Capacity.

Youth Goodwill Ambassadors of Denmark

The initiative is a spin-off of the Youth Goodwill Ambassador Programme founded by Copenhagen Capacity in close collaboration with Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador Corps and in a partnership with the Danish universities including University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University, Aalborg University, Copenhagen Business School and the Technical University of Denmark. The project is funded by the EU Social Fund.


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