Vietnamese people prioritise staying with family despite wanting to travel

by NDO21 June 2021 Last updated at 23:31 PM

Despite the desire to travel surpassing other priorities in 2021, the majority of Vietnamese respondents still prioritise spending time with family even when they have to choose between staying with family or going on a long trip.

This information was announced by Booking.com on June 17 in a global study of more than 28,000 travelers in 28 countries and regions. The study aims to reveal key analytics around what travelers across the world want most, as well as what they are willing to give up for travel in 2021 as the COVID-19 pandemic progresses.

According to the results of the survey conducted by Booking on over 1,000 Vietnamese tourists who plan to travel in the next 12 months, up to 67% of them expressed their preference to spend time with family, with only 43% choosing vacations. Meanwhile, 66% of tourists in Taiwan (China) and 62% in the Republic of Korea prioritised vacations.

Regarding what tourists would like to experience this year, 69% of Vietnamese people in the survey would rather take vacations than think about their loved ones. In addition, 3% of Vietnamese tourists would choose a trip instead of buying a new car.

The desire to travel did not stop there, 57% of Vietnamese respondents chose a vacation over a promotion at work.

Reminiscing trips from the senses

When traveling again, small experiences of the senses are what tourists look forward to the most. The first experience which accounted for a third of the votes (37%) of Vietnamese tourists is "the signature scent of the holiday" which awakens the senses, indicating they are on a new horizon.

Visional factors, from fashion and entertainment experiences, also help remind visitors of their trips. Accordingly, 15% of Vietnamese tourists aspire to have the opportunity to dress up during their vacations. Meanwhile, 36% dream of romantic vacations that are not merely destinations but also places for them to meet their other half.

The pandemic has even made visitors more excited to experience things that once annoyed them during their travels. At the top of the list for Vietnamese tourists is trying new foods for the first time including those that they did not like (24%), followed by sun tanning (20%) and the feeling of sand under their bare feet (20%). Meanwhile, 20% of Vietnamese travelers want to experience the feeling of “killing time” at the airports.

In addition, 17% of Vietnamese respondents look forward to food on planes as well as waking up at midnight to catch an early flight (19%). The challenge and joy of trying to overcome the language barrier when communicating with locals is an unexpected travel experience, savoured by 24% of Vietnamese tourists.

Another exhilarating experience and the wish of 18% of Vietnamese tourists is the feeling of sand remaining in their bags or clothes, even after leaving the beach.

Many people want to explore destinations and cultures as well as experience trips again. Certainly, when the pandemic passes and borders are reopened, many tourists will again pack their bags and travel, saying “wish you were here" instead of “wish I was there” like now.


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