Vietnamese film week on VTVGo: "The top of the top"!

by Hồng Quân03 February 2021 Last updated at 10:00 AM

VTV.vn - After the exciting launch of 10 films, the Vietnamese Film Week on VTVGo will return on the first day of the Lunar New Year with a series of extremely special Tet movies.

If you have watched Vietnamese Film Week on VTVGo from the beginning, you will know what awaits you this week. That is a series of special works of Vietnamese cinema on the VTVGo digital platform.

If at the premiere in December 2020, Vietnam Film Week on VTVGo began with the adapted film, presenting audiences ten films adapted from famous literary works such as "I See Yellow Flowers in Green Grass", "A Phu Couple", " Mother Is Away "," Don't Burn "," Sister Tu Hau "," Endless Field "," Vu Dai Village That Day "," Pao's Story "," Away Time "and" Wharf without husband", this time, there will be equally seven attractive cinematographic works.

The seven selected works screened during Tet Film Week are the ones that you have heard more or less about, although you are not really interested in Vietnamese cinema. Because these are all movies that have been released in theaters and received positive feedback from the public. And now, these films will be screened once again. So, if you missed the movies when they were screened in theaters, you can now fully enjoy them now via the VTVGo digital platform.

And here are seven movies that you will see at Vietnamese Film Week on VTVGo:

1. Sidewalk Cinderella (Dancing Girl 2, produced in 2004)

2. Bright Kisses (produced in 2010)

3. Blind Knight (produced in 2014)

4. Ma Dai (produced in 2015)

5. I Love You No Matter What (a 2018 production)

6. Uncle Please Don't Marry My Mother (produced in 2019)

7. Courting Pregnant Wife (produced in 2019)

With these seven movies, if you don't know where to hang out for fear of COVID-19, then the Vietnamese Film Week on VTVGo is a choice that couldn't be more perfect. So, don't forget, Tet Film Week with seven extremely relaxing movies will kick off on the first New Year's Day.


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