Vietnam to host APEC 2017

by VOV518 November 2016 Last updated at 12:43 PM

VTV.vn - President Tran Dai Quang will attend the 24th Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC 24) in Lima, Peru, on November 18, after concluding an official visit to Cuba.

The 24th APEC summit intends to realize cooperative blueprints approved in 2014-2015 towards the establishment of an Asia-Pacific Free Trade Agreement. 

APEC24 sets 4 priorities for 2016: regional economic connectivity and quality growth; a regional food market; globalization of micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises; and human resource development.

Actively integrating into the global economy, improving multilateral relations

Vietnam joined APEC in 1998, an important milestone for Vietnam in implementing its external policy of diversification and multilateralization.

Over the past 18 years Vietnam has actively contributed to APEC. Vietnam successfully hosted APEC 14 in 2006, which laid a foundation for the Asia-Pacific Free Trade areas and adopted the Hanoi Action Plan to implement the Bogor goals and initiatives to improve cooperation within APEC.

Vietnam hosted the 6th APEC Ministerial Meeting on Human Resource Development in 2014.

Vietnam has actively put forward initiatives and participated in 100 projects related to trade, investment, economic-technical cooperation, healthcare, food security, and anti-terrorism. Vietnam has held many important posts in APEC cooperative mechanisms.

Vietnam will host APEC 2017

Vietnam’s participation in APEC 2016 in Peru and its hosting of the APEC summit in 2017 will boost its status internationally.

Nguyen Nguyet Nga, Ambassador and Senior Advisor to the National Secretariat of APEC 2017, said, “Vietnam has prepared for hosting APEC 2017 since 2013 when it was given the task at the summit in Indonesia. In late 2013 and 2014 Vietnam formed an intersectoral working group and in July 2015 organized a National Committee for APEC 2017 preparations. Over the past year, we have thoroughly prepared all aspects.”

As a host of APEC 2017, Vietnam will promote its image as a dynamic country with a potential for development.

Mrs. Nga said, “Hosting the event is a great responsibility as well as an opportunity. We expect the event to generate more opportunity for Vietnam to attract more partners and foreign capital while promoting its soft power.”

Since its establishment APEC has confirmed its role as a leading economic cooperative mechanism for free trade and investment, development, and peace. Hosting APEC 2017, Vietnam will contribute to peace, stability, and cooperation for sustainable development and prosperity.



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