Vietnam on its way to ending tb by 2030

by VTV425 March 2020 Last updated at 10:36 AM

Vietnam on its way to ending tb by 2030 - Tuesday, March 24 was World Tuberculosis Day so the National Anti-Tuberculosis Program held an online meeting on turning the COVID 19 pandemic into an opportunity to end tuberculosis in Vietnam by 2030.

In Vietnam, approximately 11,000 people die from tuberculosis and there are 174,000 new cases each year. The biggest challenge for the National TB Program is maintaining all of the current conditions and achievements it has made and the participation and response of the whole community in actively seeking TB examinations and treatment.

However, the rate of decline for TB infections has increased and Vietnam has also mastered the techniques of TB detection, diagnosis, and treatment. The country has also built a strong network system from the central level up to the local levels.