"Vietnam is Happy and Healthy" - A health guide aired on VTV1 from April 10.

by 10 April 2023 Last updated at 09:00 AM

VTV.vn - The program "Vietnam is Happy and Healthy" is a guide for Vietnamese families on comprehensive physical and mental health.

The program's core values are in line with Decision 641/QD-TTG - National Strategy on Nutrition for 2021-2030 and the Prime Minister's Vision 2045 on improving the nutritional status, increasing the stature and intelligence of the Vietnamese people. Launched by the Center for Digital Content Production and Development (VTV Digital) program in cooperation with Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company (Vinamilk), "Vietnam is Happy and Healthy" will start broadcasting every weekday at 8:05 pm on VTV1 from April 10, 2023.

Happy and Healthy Vietnam is a comprehensive physical and mental health manual for Vietnamese families. The program is specifically divided into 3 main target groups: Mother-Child; Youth; Middle-Aged and Elderly. It will also provide information on new nutrition trends, solutions to improve mental health and physical activities on two weekend days.

The program is divided into separate categories that correspond to different audiences with different health and mental health needs. The categories are broadcast on a fixed schedule:

- Monday, Tuesday: Mother - Child category

- Wednesday: Youth category

- Thursday, Friday: Middle-Aged people and Elderly category

- Saturday: New Nutrition Trends category

- Sunday: Happy Weekend category

Categories include in-depth information on a variety of age-related topics that help answer audience questions about health-related issues and provide information on how to stay healthy, active and happy.

- Mother-Child Nutrition Section: Provides health and nutrition information for pregnant women and young children. Healthy and happy children mean a strong country in the future.

- Youth Nutrition Section: The program provides information to address the concerns of the 16-25 age group related to height, weight, beauty, among others.

- Nutrition section for middle-aged and elderly people: In this age, health and nutrition are always the top priority, so the program will provide information on health care, healthy lifestyles, strength combined with exercises to maintain health, so the audience of this age can maintain the best physical condition to live healthy and live young.

- New food trends: a category for all ages. The program provides the audience with information on healthy and effective nutrition trends that have been applied in many other countries, but are still new in Vietnam. In addition, this section will also respond to the audience's thirst for scientific knowledge and information to better understand and apply current trends that are of interest and topicality.

The program is broadcast every week from Monday to Sunday at 20:05 on VTV1. With the desire to provide useful information to the audience, together with Project 641 on National Physical Improvement, the Happy and Healthy Vietnam Program is expected to become a health talk for all families, spreading the message of living a happy and healthy life for the community.


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