Unity and humanity shine bright amidst medical lockdown in Van Lam 3

by NDO21 March 2020 Last updated at 15:00 PM

A soldier from Thuan Nam District Military Command (Ninh Thuan province) provides free masks to a local person while entering the isolated area in Van Lam 3 hamlet, Phuoc Nam commune. (Photo: NDO/Nguyen Trung)
A soldier from Thuan Nam District Military Command (Ninh Thuan province) provides free masks to a local person while entering the isolated area in Van Lam 3 hamlet, Phuoc Nam commune. (Photo: NDO/Nguyen Trung)

VTV.vn - Local residents in medical isolation at Van Lam 3 hamlet, Ninh Thuan province are no longer worried as they have received the sharing and support of the local authorities and philanthropist amidst the complex development of COVID-19.

What is even more meaningful is that the isolation caused by the pandemic has helped ease the conflicts among households, bringing them together to stand side by side in overcoming the tribulation.

At 7 am on Friday (March 20), at the hamlet’s front gate, the District Military Command assigned two soldiers, armed with 200 medical masks, at the road leading to the hamlet dispensing them free of charge for local people entering the epidemic zone, which has recorded several COVID-19 infection cases.

At the headquarters of the Communal People's Committee, Thuan Nam District Youth Union dispatched young volunteers to receive gifts from organisations and individuals. They then quickly divided them into eight groups, travelling on motorbikes bringing along medical masks and body temperature meters to approach the hamlet and support local people in the isolation zone.

Huynh Kieu Anh, Secretary of the District Youth Union said: “My unit has set up a mobile team consisting of local Youth Union members and young people who are residing in the isolated area. When the team transports face masks and antiseptic hand sanitisers from the commune headquarters to the barriers in the boundary of the quarantine area, the local team from Van Lam 3 hamlet receive and allocate them to local villagers."

Members from the charitable group of Hacom Holdings Investment JSC were also present at the headquarters of Phuoc Nam commune since early morning, bringing along 500 boxes of instant noodles donated by the company’s employees. Nguyen Tien Nghi, a representative of the company’s Board of Directors, confided: “Hacom Holdings wants to share, appeal and spread the message to businesses and individuals who are living and working in Ninh Thuan to join hands in the tough battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Also on Friday morning, the Ninh Thuan Province Young Entrepreneurs’ Association also sent a delegation to Phuoc Nam commune to present 3,000 medical masks, 1,000 bottles of hand sanitisers and VND5 million in cash.

Chairperson of Thuan Nam District People's Committee, Le Huyen, has closely followed the situation in Van Lam 3, directing the epidemic prevention and control activities as well as delivering necessities for local people in the epidemic area. The chairperson said that on the afternoon of March 19, Trungnam Group donated VND 1 billion to the locality and on the morning of March 20, the district spent VND300 million buying necessities and equipment for initial allocation to local people in Van Lam 3.

Along the way leading to the blocking stations in Van Lam 3, it was easy to catch touching scenes of local people standing outside the A-shaped barriers in the isolated areas to deliver water, shampoo, food, vegetable, etc ... for those standing inside the fence, while encouraging each other.

Ms. Nao Thi Ha said: "I live in another village. In the past, my family and hers had a conflict and we thought that both sides would unable to mend our relationship. However, in the last several days in quarantine, I often called by her and bought some food to send to her family. Now we have completely discarded the past and are friendly once again. Not only us, many other families are the same. In such situations, I just realise how warm our sentiment is.”

Mr. Nao Van No emotionally said: “In recent days, the local government has been supporting us, sending us medical masks. The Youth Union members in the isolated area have come to each home to measure the body temperature of each person. They also distribute medical leaflets to guide us on measures to prevent and control the COVID-19 spread, as well as how to maintain hygiene in daily life activities to stay healthy. This afternoon, we will receive rice and other necessities. We want to thank the Party, the State and the generosity of the benefactors very much.”

Van Lam Market is still active. Some traders in the market said, in the past few days, they received strong support from wholesale contacts in Phan Rang - Thap Cham City by delivering goods in a fast manner along with discounts and delayed payment, so as to provide food, foodstuffs and necessities for isolated people.

Chairperson Le Huyen said that on Friday afternoon, rice and other necessities would be distributed to people in isolated areas. The local leader continued to call for benefactors to turn their warm hearts to Van Lam 3 to assist the local people to overcome their difficulties.

Youth Union members in Thuan Nam district received 500 boxes of instant noodles donated from Hacom Holdings Investment Joint Stock Company to support local people in the quarantine area.

Previous feuds have been reconciled by warm hearts and supportive gestures like this between outsiders and people in isolated area, helping them deal with their difficulties during medical isolation.

Members of the Youth Union of Thuan Nam district go to the isolated area in Van Lam 3 hamlet to measure body temperature and distributed medical masks and leaflets to help locals take care of their health themselves.


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