TV series "See You on a Sunny Day" to replace "Crocodile Profile" in the TV schedule

by Hồng Quân24 March 2021 Last updated at 07:00 AM - Director Bui Quoc Viet's new film "See You on a Sunny Day" is fascinating about how to depict the storms behind the perfect family cover.

Right after the "Crocodile Profile" ends, "See You on a Sunny Day" will replace it on VTV3 channel every Thursday and Friday. Belonging to the psychological and emotional genre, the film brings family stories which are sweet but also very turbulent.

"See You on a Sunny Day" tells the story that revolves around Ms. Hoai's family (Nguyet Hang). Ms. Hoai's behavior with her husband and her way of teaching children are not the same as ordinary people. The first scene from episode one takes place at a karaoke bar when Ms. Hoai found that her daughter is not as good as she imagined.

Apparently a successful family, in which husband and wife have a status in society and the children are talented and obedient but inside, there are many fissures.

With all her heart for her husband and children, sacrificing everything for the family, but Ms. Hoai's way of caring makes family members feel uncomfortable and try to find a way to be away from her.

In addition to the complex relationships of adults, "See You on a Sunny Day" is also appealing for the story of friendship, and stormy love of young people who are Hoang My and Minh - two Mrs. Hoai's children.

The movie was taped in many locations in Hanoi and Vinh Phuc. Right now, the film production team is urgently working on both pre-production and post-production at the editing table with the desire to broadcast the movie on time.


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