TV Host Long Vu Reappears to Lead Season 2 of "Weekend Appointment"

by Hồng Quân25 June 2022 Last updated at 06:00 AM - The journalist, veteran TV presenter Long Vu will reappear on screen as host of the program "Weekend Appointment" with many surprises and interesting things ahead.

On the afternoon of June 23, a press conference was held to launch the Weekend Appointment Season 2 program on the Vietnam TV station, attracting the attendance of a large number of reporters. The program returns this summer at 20:00 every Saturday on VTV3, starting July 2, 2022.

The Weekend Appointment in its first edition last year has left many impressions on the audience through 17 episodes broadcast with quality guests. It won the Awesome Entertainment Program award - VTV Awards 2021. Season 1 is also a challenge and motivation for the Season 2 production team to make a better show this year.

At the press conference, Mr. Do Thanh Hai, Deputy Director General of Vietnam Television, recalled the first program of Weekend Appointment produced in July 2021, the period when the entire country was fighting the epidemic. The show production team had to work hard in extremely harsh conditions due to the rules of prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic.

I believe that the Weekend Appointment affirms the competence of the VTV team. I hope this will become one of the healthy entertainment programs that brings beautiful emotions to the audience," said Deputy Director General Do Thanh Hai.

Journalist Long Vu replaces journalist Quoc Khanh as lead presenter of season 2

Journalist Long Vu replaces journalist Quoc Khanh as lead presenter of season 2

The first highlight of Season 2 Weekend Appointment was the unexpected change of the main presenter: journalist Long Vu took the place of journalist Quoc Khanh. As a veteran host, the reason Long Vu came to Weekend Appointment season 2 lies in the appeal of the show.

With smart and witty style, flexible improvisation, and experiences in work and life, Long Vu is expected to provide a new and familiar atmosphere for the audience. According to the production team after the first taping, the change of host has made a difference, even brought surprises to the crew.

Playing the role of a person who connects situations and leads, bringing fresh emotions, presenter Tran Ngoc has the opportunity to promote improvisation, creativity, youth and kindness. While Huyen Trang, the only girl left among the first season hosts, is the one who is the final piece to form the impressive trio of Season 2 Weekend Appointment hosts.


The unknowns that are always expected in each episode of Season 2 of Weekend Appointment are the guests who are carefully selected by the production team. In addition to the guest actress Lan Phuong, many artists have agreed to participate in the program including Meritorious Artist Thanh Loc, singer-songwriter Phan Manh Quynh, Miss H'Hen Niê, singer Issac. Those are artists who work with seriousness, diligence in the field of culture – art, attaining achievements in the fields they pursue and being loved and accepted by the public.

With a witty and humorous perspective, each character has a different way of approaching the script, Weekend Appointment makes many guests reluctant when entering the studio without knowing the script beforehand. But it is also they who bravely accept the challenge, ready to open up to the public, sharing stories that have never been revealed before. There is nothing more wonderful than when an artist approaches the audience with real feelings.

Spices that create layers of emotions

In addition, the band and singers have become hallmarks in Weekend Appointment, helping to change the rhythm and tempo of the show and bringing emotions to the audience. In season 2, the band "Weekend Appointment" continues to be led by the musical director, musician Hong Kien, with the participation of seven musicians and friends. "Season 2 has more pressure. The hardest part is putting the musical performances together according to a guiding thread. We hope this seamless combination will bring fun and positive inspiration to the audience."

The indispensable "seasoning" in every issue of Weekend Appointment is a comic sketch. With a youthful, modern atmosphere that brings positive messages, the sketches are built from a humorous perspective: sometimes it is a critique of behaviors, sometimes it is a satire of distorted concepts in life. The participation of famous comedians such as Meritorious Artist Quang Thang, Van Dung, Duy Nam, Ha Trung, Manh Dung promises to bring joy to the audience over the weekend.

There will be many layers of emotions intertwined in each broadcast: good music, songs with beautiful lyrics and melodies, humorous and witty stories that adhere to social life. The Weekend Appointment season 2 gives relaxing atmosphere with a meaningful message so that the audience sitting in front of the TV at 8 pm every Saturday on VTV3 can enjoy the wonderful moment that the program creates.


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