Three Vietnamese films enter final round of ABU Prizes

by H.N21 October 2016 Last updated at 08:00 AM

A scene from documentary ‘I am Beautiful, You Too!’
A scene from documentary ‘I am Beautiful, You Too!’

VTV.vn - Three Vietnamese films produced by Vietnam Television have been shortlisted for the final round of the ABU Prizes 2016, which is held annually by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union.

The three films, which were among 30 finalists for the TV category, are children’s programme ‘Duong Den Truong’ (Way to School), documentary ‘Toi Dep, Ban Cung The!’ (I am Beautiful, You Too!), and news report ‘Co Dau Bo Tron’ (Runaway Brides).

‘Way to School’ and ‘Runaway Brides’ were also nominated for the Special Jury Prizes.

‘Way to School’ is a six-episode series featuring the 28-km journey to school made every day by Hang and Sua, two children in Sang village, Hang Dong commune, Bac Yen district, Son La province, which takes over five hours.

The film not only captures the beautiful natural landscapes in the northern mountainous region but also highlights the resilient spirit of ethnic minority children on the way to a brighter future. The programme previously won the fold medal at the National Radio Broadcasting Festival 2015.

‘I am Beautiful, You Too!’ is a bright and optimistic story of how Vietnamese women with disabilities from across the country have overcome their difficulties to enjoy life.

After the documentary was screened, the film crew and Nguyen Thao Van, a main character in the documentary, were then invited to Australia by Flinders University for an exchange visit under the university’s short training course on preventing and controlling violence against women and women with disabilities.

'Runaway Brides', is an escape story of Vietnamese women who were married to abusive foreign husbands. It is the first Vietnamese news report to be shortlisted for the ABU prizes final round.

This year’s ABU Prizes received over 200 entries, 55 of which have found their way to the final round divided by radio and television programs. The winners will be announced and honoured at a ceremony in Bali, Indonesia on October 24.



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