The Women with Good Taste – women’s time of appointment on VTV

by Hồng Quân19 February 2019 Last updated at 08:00 AM

Comments0 - “The Women with Good Taste” is a new program produced by the Youth Program Department, which will be aired from next March.

“The Women with Good Taste” is space for women to exchange openly with multi-dimensional and multimedia interaction to help them relieve pressure and seek motivation to change in life. The program updates new trends to help women know how to love themselves and improve the quality of life. This is also a program to provide information about life, fashion and food as well as knowledge in the fields of interest of women.

According to the production team, “The Women with Good Taste” is a comprehensive show. All the content of the program revolves around women and the things they need to know to improve themselves and become a fresh and dynamic woman, always catching up with every trend in life.

Specifically, with a duration of 60 minutes each episode, the program includes the sections:  The Fair, Afternoon Tea, Kitchen, My Story – Your Story, Movies, Music, Entertainment .... - things that make a women stylish, to know how to live for themselves, for the family and the society. The program has the participation of well-known, influential women in the new era.

The program is scheduled to air at 20:00 every third Sunday of the month on VTV6.