The warm rays of sunlight converge at the Love Station Gala

by Khánh Huyền12 March 2024 Last updated at 10:32 AM - The emotional reunion of the characters will bring many surprising stories to the Love Station Gala.

Everyone has their own dreams and aspirations, but the twists of fate make the journey to conquer the dreams of the Love Station characters longer. Some have been deprived of a normal life since birth, some are starting from scratch, but what they have in common is the spirit of never giving up, for a better tomorrow. Fifty-two characters, 52 stories with journeys of resilience in life that bring warm rays of sunlight. The emotional reunion of the characters will bring many surprising stories in the Love Station Gala, live on VTV1 channel at 20:10 on Sunday, March 10, 2024.

The Love Station Gala, themed "Here Comes the Sun”, reflects on the emotional everyday stories of resilience and boundless love in 2023. These narratives show that no matter how challenging life may be, there are always warm rays of hope, as expressed in the theme song: "Up high, the light makes its way into our hearts. Sometimes, slow down to appreciate the everlasting wonders. Just be happy, don't hesitate, keep sharing. For every bit of love given, there is warmth in the heart”.

The Love Station Gala consists of three chapters: Sunlight in the Mist, Sun by the Veranda, and AHeart with Sunshine.

The stage of the Love Station Gala will be a brightly lit space with warm rays of sunlight. The performances will feature the appearance of characters who have participated in the program, promising many interesting surprises and talents that ordinary people may not possess.

In the first chapter, "Sunlight in the Mist'', the audience will have the opportunity to revisit the journeys of characters who have suffered setbacks at the most beautiful moments of their lives. With the future wide open, dreams unfulfilled, and setbacks comeand take everything away, leaving their lives trapped within four walls, entirely dependent on others. Enduring pain, despair, and self-doubt, they eventually choose to get up and start their lives anew.

In Chapter 2, "Sun by the Veranda”, the audience has the opportunity to meet again with couples who find support from their loved ones, from strangers in life. It's the love story of the poet Vũ Đức Nguyên; the devoted husband and wife love of Hoàng Phước (Bến Tre) and Nhật Hà; the "sunshine love" story of Đỗ Thu Hương and Nguyễn Trung Mạnh... The joys of these couples will spread positive life inspiration to everyone.

The journey to a peaceful land, along withthe wheelchair donation project of by Thái Thị Hằng Nga, Đặng Hoàng An, Nguyễn Ngọc Nhứt in Long An, with the participation of singers Vũ Thịnh & Fanny, will take the audience to memorable moments in the program.

The presence of singers like Hồ Quỳnh Hương, Bảo Trâm, the Oplus group, Đinh Mạnh Ninh, with songs themed around warm sunlight, along with performances by the characters themselves, will provide viewers with an optimistic view of people with disabilities and unforgettable emotions.

The Love Station Gala - Here Comes the Sun will be broadcast at 20:10 on Sunday, March 10th, on VTV1 channel.

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