The Road to School: Let's Start the New School Year Across the Country

by Hồng Quân05 September 2021 Last updated at 10:00 AM - Aired on September 5, 2021 on VTV1 and VTV7 channels, the program "The Road to School" is a special congratulation for students across the country on the eve of the new school year.

The new school year is around the corner for students across the country. As many provinces and cities are tightening social distancing and limiting contact to effectively combat the epidemic, everybody is preparing for the new school year through in-person and online forms. Capturing this mindset, VTV7's Educational Program Production Center has brought a special TV show called Welcome to the New School Year – Road to School.

This is an opening program for a special school year to inform about the journey to overcome the pandemic and actively prepare for the new school year by students and teachers across the country. With the message: "Overcoming COVID-19 and learning together," the program is expected to provide a joyful and exciting environment, encouraging students to enter the new school year 2021 – 2022.

The program tells stories about students and teachers from many regions such as islands, coastal areas, highlands, plains, mountainous areas, from the far north of the country such as Lung Cu (Ha Giang) to large cities and rural areas, from places that are fighting the Covid 19 pandemic to less affected localities, and especially the Spratly Islands.

In particular, this is a year is the first in which second and sixth graders across the country embark on revamping the curricula and textbooks of the general education. In the program "Welcome to the new school year - Road to school", there will be talks between the Directors of the Department of Education and Training in the big cities such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hue on guidelines and policies to help students keep up with learning plans during epidemic season.

The program also featured Education Minister Nguyen Kim Son in the studio to share about the Ministry of Education and Training's solutions this school year to ensure the safety of teachers and students, while meeting the goal of reforming and improving the quality of education.

To carry out the program in the context of the complicated epidemic, the team coordinated with local teachers, TV stations in provinces such as Ha Giang, Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City, Da Lat, Ca Mau to make reports that reflect the atmosphere of the new school year on school campuses.

The studio is also more special than the previous years. The production team recreated the schoolyard scene on the school year opening day with a modern LED display system and many solutions to recreate the atmosphere of the first day of school.

In addition to illustrations by VTV7 painters, the program also brings in footage of hundreds of children across the country enthusiastically preparing for the new school year.

In addition, on the VTV7 and VTV7 Kids fanpages, the production team also launched a campaign to produce the music video "Road to School", the song will be played on the show. By calling on young people of all ages to record the song at home and send it to the show, this is sure to be a special music video, which promises a lot of emotions to the audience.

The program will air on September 5 on channels VTV1 and VTV7. Viewers can re-play the show on the VTVGo app, the online newspaper VTV News, and the YouTube channel VTV7.


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