The Charm of "King of Vietnamese Language" Season 2

by Hồng Quân16 February 2023 Last updated at 09:00 AM

The Charm of 'King of Vietnamese Language' Season 2 - The attraction of Vietnamese King season 2 increased when the winner appeared in round 4, becoming the "king" and waiting for other opponents to challenge him.

Accepting to sit on the throne means that O Plus member Quang Minh is ready to challenge the winning player in the next week and has a chance to increase the amount of prize money if he wins the "Seize the Throne" round. Therefore, winning in each round generates a lot of emotions in the players.

According to linguist Do Anh Vu, judge of the King of Vietnamese language, the themes of the program are both cultural and historical in nature. "The secretariat of the program has exploited the themes in various ways so that everyone feels a closeness and has some understanding of each theme and participate in the game enthusiastically and wholeheartedly." - Dr. Do Anh Vu asserted.

In season 2 of Vietnamese King, many foreign players are also attracted by the themes of the program. Writer Lu Mai - a judge of Vietnamese King - said these themes help the Vietnamese language to be promoted in a rich and diverse way. "These themes not only help discover the treasure of Vietnamese language, but also teach how to use Vietnamese in modern life," shared writer Lu Mai.

With the participation of Vietnamese and foreigners of all ages from many provinces and cities across the country, the King of Vietnamese Language program continues to create attraction, spreading the spirit of Vietnamese pride and love.

King of Vietnamese broadcasts every Friday at 20:30 on VTV3 channel. Please stay tuned!