The “Brilliant 100 Seconds” - Season 3 returns with many exciting new features

by Hồng Quân29 July 2020 Last updated at 10:00 AM

VTV.vn - “Brilliant 100 Seconds” - Season 3 will air every Sunday at 8pm starting August 1 on VTV3.

“Brilliant 100 Seconds” - Season 3 is a competition of 40 repertoires in many genres of art. The program has the participation of many young and talented contestants. Coming to the program, they want to challenge themselves as well as have many new experiences.

The new features of “Brilliant 100 Seconds” - Season 3 are the rounds of competition. 40 entries will compete in the pools A and B. There will be 8 teams selected to the Semifinals, instead of 4 like the previous seasons. The Final Night will be the competition of the top 4 after two nights of the semi-finals.

The highlight of this year's program is the Comment Board. Each episode will have 2 commentators who are the celebrities such as TV host Hong Phuc and Lieu Ha Trinh, actors Thanh Huong, Midu, Hua Minh Dat and Singer Titi - Champion of the “Brilliant 100 Seconds” - Season 2.

The “Brilliant 100 Seconds” - Season 3 provides contestants with many opportunities to challenge themselves, and also helps them gain confidence and learn lessons to continue developing the professional art path they are chasing.

According to the organizers of the show, the contestants of “Brilliant 100 Seconds” - Season 3 will be promising faces, showing remarkable talents in different art fields.

"Taking part in the opening show of “Brilliant 100 Seconds” - Season 3, I was really surprised. I was just like you, a contestant who had to pass many very difficult and very challenging rounds. When you win, it was really a shining moment, of immense glory”, actress Thanh Huong said, adding: "I love creativity in art. The reward is not as important as what you show and experience in the program."

“Brilliant 100 Seconds” - Season 3 will be broadcast at 20:00 every Saturday on VTV3 starting from August 1. Please watch!


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