The brand-new music show "Anonymous Singers" airs on VTV3

by Hồng Quân24 August 2020 Last updated at 08:00 AM

VTV.vn - The first episode of "Anonymous Singers" will air on VTV3 tonight (August 23).

After "Thanks God! You Are Here" season 7 is over, the program `` Anonymous Singers'' will be broadcast at 9:15 pm every Sunday on VTV3.

The "Anonymous Singers" was a licensed adaptation of Shadow Singer (CJ E&M Korea). In each episode, four contestants will compete (4 anonymous singers). They are singing talents who are active in the profession but are not known to many people; or famous names in the past but who for many reasons have been absent from the stage for a long time and now want to return.

Each of them has a reason for which they have not stood out and they yearn for a chance to shine and live their aspirations to stand on the big stage.

On the "Anonymous Singers" show, they will appear behind the velvet curtain and will have a proxy of themselves on stage. This anonymous singer, on behalf of the person he represents, will share about this person's life, answer questions and tell real stories about life and career that the commentators ask about the hidden person. The comment panel consists of 5 people who are personalities of Vietnamese showbiz.

After that, the proxy person will lip-sync a background song sung by the anonymous singer behind the stage. The singing lyrics, the true emotions of the anonymous singer will be expressed on the stage by his/her personation.

There will be competition between pairs of anonymous singers and proxy person. After that, the audience in the studio and the comment panel will vote for the pair who with their performance touched their hearts.

The anonymous singer with less votes will step out from the backstage with shimmering lights and reveal, in front of the audience, his identity, life story and aspiration.

The pair with the highest votes will show up and perform on the final stage.

The "Anonymous Singer" program will start airing every Sunday at 9:15 p.m. on VTV3 from August 23. Stay tune.


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