Takeoff – February episode: Stories told after nearly a month of coping with COVID-19 epidemic

by Hồng Quân14 February 2020 Last updated at 10:00 AM

VTV.vn - The Takeoff program - February episode selected the theme Invaluable Gift and the stories of almost a month fighting COVID-19.

Health is an invaluable asset of man. The February episode of Takeoff, titled Invaluable Gift, tells the stories of after nearly a month of the country's struggle against acute respiratory infection caused by a new strain of the corona virus (COVID-19). The program features guest speakers who are scientists, including Dr. Nguyen Hong Ha, Dr. Nguyen Trung Cap and nurse Nguyen Thi Men.

The February episode of Takeoff will be broadcast live from studio without audience. They will stay at home, watch the show and interact directly with the program guests through the digital platforms of the Vietnam Television.

A healthy country depends on the health sector, whose doctors struggle day by day with different types of diseases that are complicated and unpredictable. Scientists are also human, and they are not 100% immune to disease, but in the most difficult and severe moments of the epidemic, they are always there, on the front line, becoming a strong shield for people to build a healthy country.

With this program, the audience will have the opportunity to meet the people at the forefront against COVID-19. They are Dr. Nguyen Trung Cap, Head of Emergency Department, Tropical Central Hospital.

In Takeoff, there will be a special video conference between the S14 studio at Vietnam Television and the family of Dr. Nguyen Trung Cap. Since Tet's second day, they have not met again. And everyone will hear the feelings shared by the doctors' relatives.

Takingoff - February episode will be broadcast live at 10:00 pm on February 15, 2020 on VTV1.


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