Take-off Gala: For Vietnam to take off

by Hồng Quân24 December 2019 Last updated at 00:00 AM

VTV.vn - The "Take-off" Gala titled "For Vietnam to take off" will tell many interesting stories.

With its first episode airing in March 2018, so far, more than 20 live broadcasts of “Take-off” program have been conducted. The mega-show Take-off Night titled "For Vietnam to take off" will be an opportunity for the audience to meet the speakers and the prominent guests of the show over the past two years. The title of the show is also intended to deliver a message and the goal of the program throughout its episodes. Each episode has a theme for the speakers to show their skills, but its ultimate goal is to assert human values, to inspire people with positive sources of enery and the desire to attain new achievements.

According to the production team, the "For Vietnam to take off" Gala consists of 3 parts with the titles: The Confident Vietnamese, the Aspiring Vietnamese and the Vietnamese Taking off. In particular, the audience will have the opportunity to meet young Vietnamese overcoming difficulties, making efforts to assert their values and bringing benefits to the community. At the same time, the program also tells the story of people who have devoted and affirmed their position and yet wanted to make positive changes with the strong desire for the Fatherland to make an imprint.

Take-off Gala also has the participation of a special speaker who has returned from a long journey at Seagames, the Head coach of the Vietnamese women's national football team Mai Duc Chung. He will tell the story of how the Vietnamese women's football team overcame the pressures to attain achievements and conquer new challenges.

A special feature of the program is the launch of a publication entitled "For Vietnam to take off". This is a special publication of Vietnam Television, which brings together all the writings of the speakers of the Take-off program during the past 2 years.

Take-off is the first television program in Vietnam to use public speaking to share views and personal experiences of each person. They can be a speaker, a diplomat, a politician, a singer, a successful businessman... They can detect the need of society, be able to gather and lead others, inspire others to change and bring hope. But they can also be just an ordinary person such as a mountainous teacher, a motorbike taxi driver, a merchant in the wet market... telling their life stories from their own perspective.


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