Sweden, Vietnam share experiences in sustainable urban transport

by D.L26 November 2015 Last updated at 12:19 PM

VTV.vn - A Swedish delegation led by Swedish Deputy Minister of Infrastructure has arrived in Hanoi to share experience to Vietnam’s critical traffic problems on Wednesday in Hanoi.

Experts and businesses of the two sides reviewed the traffic situation in Vietnam and exchanged sustainable solutions. According to statistics of the National Traffic Safety Committee, the annual rate of traffic accidents in Vietnam reached 250 cases per 1 million people. Meanwhile, in Sweden, the number is only 30, the lowest in the world. And according to experts, Sweden's achievement in transport is attributed to the application of high-tech.

All of significant successes that Sweden had achieved in traffic safety and urban development were attached to an important force, which is information technology. This is one of the solutions that Vietnam and other countries are looking forward to have cooperation and learn from the experience of Sweden.

The Swedish experts also shared many solutions to develop urban transport in a sustainable manner. Among which, they stressed the need to improve public and non-motorized transport.

"I think it’s very important to develop public transport such as rail and buses. You need a lot of transport but also maintain and develop non-motorized transport. And that’s walking, bicycling. It will be by time probably very expensive for you to rely on motorcycles", said PhD. Marie Thynell, Associate Professor, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

"Sweden has a good urban planning attached with urban transport planning. They have a synchronized transport system of railway, taxi and buses... to name a few. I think that we can learn from this", said Tran bao Ngoc, Head, Transportation Department, Vietnam’s Ministry of Transport.

At the event, the two sides also pledged to encourage investment and partnership for businesses of the two countries in transport sector.

"Nowadays, with a buzzling and very quickly growing economy of Vietnam, we had a new situation where we can be partners and on an equal find business to business opportunities to join venture and sign commercial agreement. And I’m certain that Swedish companies could find solutions that could bring Swedish know how and expertise hand in hand with the knowledge of Vietnamese companies", said Erik Bromander, Sweden’s Deputy Minister of Infrastructure.

Vietnam has been facing many challenges in developing public transport including traffic safety, traffic jam and environmental pollution. Many experts believes that by learning sustainable urban traffic solutions of Sweden, Vietnam can further develop its traffic infrastructure and decrease the number of traffic accidents.

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