Strengthening prevention and control of animal diseases

by NDO31 May 2021 Last updated at 17:00 PM

The lumpy skin disease on buffalos and cows appeared in October 2020.
The lumpy skin disease on buffalos and cows appeared in October 2020.

VTV.vn - The lumpy skin disease among buffalos and cows is spreading as the number of outbreaks around the country has increased from 761 in 21 localities in a 21-day period to 1,400 outbreaks from 27 provinces and cities in less than 21 days.

According to experts, the lumpy skin disease may continue to spread on a large scale, in the coming time in the changing weather conditions and the growing season of disease vectors such as flies, mosquitoes and gulls. Recently, several localities have not been implementing synchronously measures, and have completely handled and destroyed livestock when the new epidemic had appeared. The grazing of buffaloes and cows in the fields and common grazing grounds is quite common. The demand for transporting and slaughtering buffaloes and cows has increased sharply. The conditions of livestock raising households, especially in mountainous provinces, have been limited, so they have faced many difficulties in the application of disease prevention measures. Because the economic value of a buffalo or cow is quite high, farmers in several localities have sold and slaughtered sick cattle.

In order to minimise damage to livestock farmers, the Prime Minister has just issued Official Letter No.631/CD-TTg requesting ministries, agencies and localities to focus on implementing drastically and synchronously the measures to prevent and control the lumpy skin disease on buffalos and cows. Accordingly, the PM asked Chairmen of People’s Committees in centrally-run provinces and cities to direct the enhancement of lumpy skin disease prevention and control in accordance with the provisions of the law on veterinary medicine and under the guidance of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MoARD), as well as take full responsibility for the prevention and control of the epidemic in the locality.

Localities affected by the epidemic need to announce the epidemic in line with the regulations; and concentrate resources and synchronously apply solutions to control and completely handle outbreaks in accordance with regulations, preventing the spread and prolonging of the disease. The localities should promote the vaccination, surveillance, early detection, prompt warning and thorough settlement of newly arising outbreaks. The local authorities should guide buffalo and cow breeders to enhance the application of proactive measures to prevent the epidemic; conduct general cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation; and prevent and destroy flies, mosquitoes, gnats and gulls.

The National Steering Committee Against Smuggling, Trade Fraud and Counterfeit Goods (National Steering Committee 389) must drastically direct the coordination among agencies and functional forces to promptly detect, fight, prevent and strictly handle the cases of smuggling and illegal transportation of buffaloes and cows and their products from abroad into Vietnam. The Committee should also enhance the inspection of food safety and hygiene, especially at establishments specialising in slaughtering, processing, consuming and transporting buffaloes and cows while promoting propaganda on lumpy skin disease so that farmers do not panic and can proactively apply disease prevention measures under the guidance of specialised agencies.

The MoARD will host and cooperate with relevant ministries to study, develop and submit to competent authorities for consideration and promulgation of mechanisms and policies in support to the prevention and control of animal diseases, including the lumpy skin disease. They should be consistent, effective and suitable with specific conditions and the ability to balance the budget as well as comply with the provisions of law.


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