Stay tuned for Journey to Robocon 2024 (8:20 p.m., VTV2)

by Khánh Huyền26 April 2024 Last updated at 10:14 AM - With enthusiasm and professionalism, the team of the Scientific and Educational Program Department, Vietnam Television, is aiming for a lively Robocon Vietnam 2024 season.

The Vietnam Robot Creative Competition (Robocon Vietnam) - a playground for young people who love robots to showcase their talents and creativity - has kicked off its new season. This year, the Organizing Committee has chosen the theme "Harvest Season", which has been highly praised by experts.

It is worth noting that Robocon Vietnam 2024 does not organize regional qualifiers in the North and South regions like in previous seasons. Instead, there will be preliminary rounds before the national finals, which will take place in May in Hanoi.

According to Mai Quyen, a reporter from the Scientific and Educational Program Department Of Vietnam Television, the preliminary round does not involve teams competing against each other but only demonstrating skills in order to achieve the best results and select 32 teams to advance to the national finals.

"Vietnam Television and the Organizing Committee have shortened the competition time and used that time to better prepare for the event. For the participating teams, this reduction in time brings many benefits as it reduces the pressure on the teams. Instead of having to interact with each other from the beginning as in previous qualifying rounds, in the preliminary round, teams only need to demonstrate their technical abilities to ensure enough points to advance to the final," shared Mr. Nguyen The Tung, a member of the judging panel for Robocon Vietnam 2024.

To provide additional information on the sidelines of the competition and help the teams be more proactive, the Scientific and Educational Program Department has developed a companion program called Journey to Robocon 2024 consisting of 12 episodes airing daily on VTV2 at 8:20 PM starting on April 25th.

"Each episode brings viewers up to date with the teams from different schools. How have the teams prepared for the competition? How far along are they in perfecting their robots? Additionally, this year, as Vietnam is the host country for the ABU Robocon 2024 competition, we have received many questions and concerns about the exam. We will invite members of the jury to provide the most detailed answers to the contestants" said reporter Mai Quyen.

The program team will also feature people who have been involved with Robocon and are now established in society but still have an affection for the competition. This demonstrates that the passion for the competition continues to endure.

According to reporter Vu Phong from the Department, one of the new features of this year's Robocon accompanying program is the "Robot Tech Corner." This segment allows the program and viewers to delve deeper into understanding technologies related to robots, and automation,...

"There are many challenging and new technologies. For example, image recognition and processing technology, the use of artificial intelligence in controlling IoT (Internet of Things) devices, pneumatic technology, engine technology, new circuit boards... All of these things have been applied to the competing robots ," said reporter Vu Phong.

According to the Organizing Committee, Robocon Vietnam 2024 attracted the largest number of participating teams ever. After passing the preliminary round to advance to the finals, 32 teams continued to compete in the group stage, quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals to select the champion team and the representative of Vietnam to participate in ABU Robocon 2024.


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