State leader calls for more good deeds in society

by VNA19 January 2024 Last updated at 11:20 AM

President Vo Van Thuong had a meeting with 50 delegates representing over 2,000 persons featured in “Viec tu te” (Good deeds), a TV show of Vietnam Television (VTV), in Hanoi on January 18.

Launched in 2014, the show has told more than 2,200 stories about the kindness of people of all ages, from various regions, and with different backgrounds, including teachers dedicating their entire life to the education of disadvantaged children in remote areas, those donating all of their property to care for the homeless and orphans, and the ones actively engaging in community activities.

President Thuong said goodness is a virtue treasured by Vietnamese people throughout history. He described the stories in the “Good deeds” programme as great sources of inspiration that encouraged people, regardless of their jobs and ages, to believe in and do good things for themselves and the society.

Expressing his admiration for the deeds introduced in the show, he noted that Vietnam is now in a new development period with a great vision and aspirations, including the developed nation status by 2045, prosperous development, and wealth and happiness for people, so it needs many more good deeds.

The State leader voiced his belief that with the Vietnamese people’s tradition of humanity, solidarity, and mutual assistance, along with the highly inspiring stories, there will be more good deeds in the future.

He asked the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Mass Mobilisation, the Vietnam Fatherland Front, socio-political organisations, and central and local agencies to consider launching a movement which encourages each person to do a good thing so that the country can have tens of millions of such deeds and many good communities.

President Thuong also ordered the show organisers to seek and introduce many other examples of good deeds nationwide to encourage actions in the community and build up images of a Vietnam with rich kindness and humanity.


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