Spreading traditional values through Hanoi Tourism Ao Dai Festival

by Minh Châu05 December 2022 Last updated at 15:00 PM

VTV.vn - The "Hanoi Tourism Ao Dai Festival 2022" was also held on December 2-4, 2022 at Hoan Kiem pedestrian street.

As an activity of preserving, developing, exploiting and honoring the Vietnamese traditional Ao Dai, this festival has attracted the attention of a large number of tourists from near and far. For first-time foreign visitors to Vietnam, this is really an impressive activity in terms of both culture and people of our country.

Impressing the audience, it was the performance of Ao Dai with the participation of famous designers across the North, Central and South regions. These are: Ao Dai collection with brocade patterns by designer Cao Minh Tien, Kimono Ao Dai inspired by traditional Japanese costumes of designer - Miss Ngoc Han, and Hương Thoi gian collection by designer Quang Hoa Or elaborate hand-embroidered Ao Dai models of Tulip brand, Ao Dai simulates the collar of designer Hanh Mai. Designer Nhat Thuc also brought to the program a children's ao dai collection named "green highland", inspired by the green of the mountains and the highland ethnic brocade motifs.... Each design is different, but all create an impressive picture of the traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai.

Besides the big names in the fashion village designing Ao Dai, the show also received enthusiastic cheers from viewers when there were famous models and actors such as Thanh Huong, Dinh Tu, etc. Huyen Lizi, Mai Ngoc... In particular, the participation of young models also brought freshness to the program. These small faces not only breathe life into the designs but also represent the inheritance of the younger generation with the nation's traditional cultural values.

In addition, the Ao Dai performance and parade program of the City Women's Union with the scale of nearly 1,000 participants; street ao dai show of 300 businesswomen and 200 children nationwide; Performing arts combined with performances of more than 100 students in the city

It can be seen that, for Vietnamese people, Ao Dai is not only an intangible cultural value, it is also an applied fashion that creates a unique beauty for Vietnamese women. No matter who you are, an office worker or a business person, even students sitting on school chairs, the Ao Dai s

till stands side by side in each activity.


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