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by 12 October 2015 Last updated at 15:06 PM

VTV.vn - In the process of collecting public comments for the draft report of the Communist Party to be presented at the 12th party congress, many opinions are in agreement.

In the process of collecting public comments for the draft report of the Communist Party to be presented at the 12th party congress, many opinions are in agreement with the content on national security, high ranking human resources, and other social issue management. Among this content, the first priority is the national benefit.

For the very first time, the draft report of the Communist Party of Vietnam’s Central Committee has included the national benefit as its first priority.  This was highly appreciated by the public, highlighting the practical lesson of the party upholding national strength in the process of the country's renovation.

"During the transitional period, Vietnam has many classes. The economy comprises of 5 components with different benefits. However, there is one mutual factor, which is the national benefit. If we can boost this, we could draw on huge resources from domestic and overseas Vietnamese." - Prof. Dr. Ngo Van Thao, Head, Department of Political Theory under the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Propaganda and Training

Once the national benefit is prioritised, the individual benefit will become secondary. As such, Vietnam can gather all of its strength to remain competitive in the integration process. 

"In the context of integration, each individual should develop their own economic activities while considering the well-being of the community. All individuals will be winners, contributing to the sustainable development of the country. " - Tran Viet Thai, Deputy Director of the Strategy Institute, the Academy of Foreign Relations

The national benefit is built on the common good of classes, localities, social groups, and individuals. In fact, there still exists conflict between private and national benefits. Therefore, institutionalisation requires specific regulations.

"There are two main aspects of the national benefit. The first is independence, unity, and national solidarity. The second is thriving citizens, a strong country, and an equitable, democratic, and civilised society. We need to institutionalise and at the same time encourage people to prioritise the national benefit." - Prof. Dr. Phan Xuan Son, Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics and Public Administration

In the current situation, where there are still individuals and units acting for their own sake and affecting the general welfare of the whole society, upholding the national benefit as the first priority is an especially important lesson.



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