Short film by Vietnamese director nominated for Oscar

by Hien Anh22 November 2015 Last updated at 21:37 PM

VTV.vn - An animation named “My Home” directed by Nguyen Phuong Mai is nominated for 2016 Oscar.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science has recently announced 10 nominations for 2016 Oscar: Best Animated Short Film, including My Home (Chez Moi) directed by Nguyen Phuong Mai.

Twelve-minute My Home is an experience of a young boy about strange things around him after his mother came back home.

Before listing in Oscar nominations, My Home had gained numerous awards in different film festivals. My Home is also nominated for César Awards’ “Best Animated Short Films” (France).

Leeds International Film Festival (UK): “This movie is about a boy who has to get used to new things, new people in his home. Colors and pictures in the movie are excellent. The director has a great potential”.

Nguyen Phuong Mai was born in 1988 in Ho Chi Minh City. At the age of 15, she moved to Paris and followed applied arts at Estienne High-school. Then she majored in directing and writing at La Poudrière Cinema School. Phuong Mai produced many short films, namely Hors d'usage, Mourir d'aimer, Un vrai petit génie and Point de fuite. She is now living and working in Paris.

Ten nominations for which representing various countries were voted by 60 members of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science. My Home represents for France. The Academy will continually select 5 short films for the official nomination, which will be announced on January 14th 2016.

Phuong Mai is one of two female directors in this category. The other director is Melissa Johnson (Love in the Time of March Madness). Besides, 4 in 10 directors used to be nominated for Oscars.

Best Animated Short Films for 2016 Academy Awards

  1. Bear Story (Historia De Un Oso) – Gabriel Osorio
  2. Carface (Autos Portraits) – Claude Cloutier
  3. If I Was Good… – Cordell Barker
  4. Love in the Time of March Madness – Melissa Johnson &  Robertino Zambrano
  5. My Home (Chez Moi) – Nguyen Phuong Mai
  6. An Object at Rest – Seth Boyden
  7. Prologue – Richard Williams
  8. Sanjay’s Super Team – Sanjay Patel
  9. We Can’t Live without Cosmos – Knostantin Bronzit
  10. World of Tomorrow – Don Hertzfeldt


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