Second Vietnam Card Day opens

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Miss Do Thi Ha and students at Song Festival
Miss Do Thi Ha and students at Song Festival

VTV.vn - The Song (Wave) Festival - the main event of the 2nd Vietnam Card Day for young people officially opened at Bach Khoa Stadium, with the participation of more than 20 commercial banks, financial institutions & international card organisations

The event features nearly 70 booths providing products and services in many industries, including cuisine, education, and shopping.

The second Vietnam Card Day, organised by Tien Phong Newspaper in collaboration with the National Payment Corporation of Vietnam (NAPAS) under the direction of the State Bank of Vietnam, aims to promote and advocate for payment methods to reduce cash use, increase the use of payment methods based on digital technology platforms, and implement the national digital transformation strategy in the banking sector, specifically the National Digital Transformation Program by 2025 issued by the Government.

The event "Song Festival" includes main activities such as: experiencing cashless payment technology at 100% of the booths, demonstrating the most modern and advanced bank card payment technology, and enjoying artistic performances of young Vietnamese bands and singers loved by young people.

Young people register to receive gifts at Song Festival.

At the event, the organising board gave 10,000 gifts to those who participated in the experience. To receive gifts without contact, customers only need to register information via the website http://www.thevietnam.com.vn/ or register directly at Song Festival.

Besides the experience at the booths, Song Festival is a place for young people to meet and exchange with inspirational faces, famous artists and bands such as Miss Do Thi Ha, singers Min, Vu and Chillies group, singers Kien and Dong Hung. In particular, the organising board choose Tran Khanh Vy as the Brand Ambassador of the 2nd Vietnam Card Day. Khanh Vy is known as a successful young face in her 20s, inspiring young people, and spreading the message of "The 2nd Vietnam Card Day".

The event is part of the process of digital transformation in the banking industry, which is intended to achieve the goals set in the National Digital Transformation Program by 2025 issued by the Government, update digital applications in credit-payment services, popularize the benefits of cashless payment, thereby encouraging young customers to use modern payment methods.

The Wave Festival event lasts until 5:00 pm on April 17. At the end of the two-day festival, customers can continue to use modern forms of payment technology to shop and spend more at over 274,500 card-accepting units and participate in the Mega Sale programme to respond to Vietnam Card Day.

NAPAS cooperates with banks to encourage customers to convert from magnetic cards to chip cards, and use the card for daily payment transactions with several promotions such as cashback, gift-giving, lucky draws and valuable prizes.


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