Season 2 of "Baggage of Love" airs on VTV3

by Hồng Quân07 November 2021 Last updated at 07:00 AM

VTV.vn - By bringing together the most "seasoned" advisors in show business, Baggage of Love deserves to be the expected dating reality show at the end of 2021.

Following the success of Season 1, Baggage of Love - Season 2 returned to TV screen. This is a dating reality show on finding soul mates by discovering and accepting each other's and weaknesses. The program will officially air at 20:30 every Monday on the VTV3 channel, starting on November 8, 2021.

Each episode of Baggage of Love is a "love flight" for a special passenger in search of happiness with a single suitcase that will be revealed at the end of the show.

On each flight, the girl will meet 3 male passengers with unexpected secrets in 3 suitcases which are small, medium and large, corresponding to the level of difficulty of their secrets. The person who convinces the girl to accept all his secrets will be the one who goes to the final round and has the opportunity to discover the girl's secret.

Compared to season 1, season 2 of Baggage of Love has a slight change at the end of the show: after knowing the secret of the passenger, the boy has the choice to accept her or not. If accepted, the two will officially have a chance to go out together.

An important and attractive factor in the plane of love is the Advisory Council, which includes: director Le Hoang, supermodel Xuan Lan, actor BB Tran, actor Kha Nhu, actor Lam Vy Da, actor Puka, actor and model Nam Em. They are famous people and have many experiences in love to help girls make the most appropriate decisions and at the same time give visions about love, marriage and family.

Sharing about the reason for taking part once again in Baggage of Love-Season 2, director Le Hoang said, "I find that Baggage of Love - season 1 has real meaning. In our life, meeting another person is sometimes a unique opportunity for some people to find love, especially when they get together in a short time which is only enough to introduce themselves".

The show is hosted by actor Dai Nghia in the role of "Captain" of the "plane of love", which carries the baggage of love containing the secrets of the contestants. Famous as a smart and witty host, Season 2 of Luggage of Love with Dai Nghia is sure to bring a lot of emotions to viewers.

The original version of Baggage of Love is The Baggage, a popular dating show in the US, released by NBC Universal worldwide and available in the UK, France, Denmark and China. The program is adapted to Vietnam but in an "inverse" way as it poses a perspective when dating: not to look for the best person but the one who accepts your weaknesses will be the most suitable to start a long-term relationship.

When starting a relationship, we not only see the good side but also need to learn and accept bad habits, different points of view or even a hidden secret of the past. The Baggage of Love conveys the message: Speak frankly - Love truly to have a lasting relationship. The person who feels empathy and accepts your secret is the one for you.


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