Sao Mai 2022 National Final: Strange, yet familiar and full of surprise opening night

by Hồng Quân12 September 2022 Last updated at 13:00 PM

VTV.vn - The opening live show of the Sao Mai 2022 national final round brought many emotions to the audience, from surprise to curiosity waiting for new stars to appear.

The night of the Sao Mai Convergence live show held on the night of September 11 opened with the performance of the artists who earned their fame from this contest including Ngoc Khue, Ngoc Anh, Do To Hoa, Luong Nguyet Anh, Nam Khanh, Tuan Anh. It has been a long time since the public had a chance to see so many Sao Mai Stars gathered on the same stage.

Right at the opening function of the program, the attraction came from the performance of voices associated with Sao Mai's past journey. Strange but familiar and unexpected, those are interesting feelings when watching this show. One of the many highlights of the live show came from the combination of the first time on stage performance of two famous names of Sao Mai, who have a long history of contribution to the country's music, namely Trong Tan and Phuong Thao, or the rare duet of Sao Mai's two Chamber Music style champions Dao To Loan and Do To Hoa as well as the unexpected appearance of Dong Hung and Hoang Hai with the song I Am a Star.

On this night of the contest, the audience saw the 25-year journey of the Sao Mai Award through elaborate reports. In which, artists and journalists who have been with Sao Mai for many years have the opportunity to share their love for Vietnam's most prestigious music competition.

"The biggest difference between the Sao Mai contest and other competitions is its academic and professional nature. People think that makes Sao Mai less entertaining, but I don't think so. That's the novelty that makes Sao Mai always different. Conquering the Sao Mai awards is not only conquering the value of the award but also winning yourself. I wish great results to this year's Sao Mai contest and hope the contest will find many factors to contribute to the Vietnamese music industry," said singer Tung Duong.

"The Sao Mai Award includes folk, pop and chamber music categories, all are important. It's like a soccer team, it must be in harmony. Only through a skillful combination of these three things can it succeed," said journalist Long Vu.

In particular, the central characters of the national final round of Sao Mai 2022 - 18 participants will have a fresh, exciting and youthful television audience debut. Groups of contestants in each style of auditorium, folk and pop music have the opportunity to stand on the same stage for unique performances combined with senior Sao Mai singers.

The Sao Mai Convergence is an evening of performances by famous artists, musical talents shining from the Sao Mai launching pad and future voices of Sao Mai. The program is also another affirmation of the ongoing contributions of this prestigious music competition to the movement and development of Vietnamese music. The show helped the 18 finalists of the national finals to be in the best spirit, ready to enter the first night of competition on September 18, 2022.


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