Revealing the next Vietnamese TV movie on VTV3

by Hồng Quân16 September 2020 Last updated at 00:00 AM

VTV.vn - After the broadcast of Love and Ambition ends, director Hung Phuong's movie Lovely Bond will be broadcast on VTV3 from September 21.

Inspired from the family theme, the Vietnam Television Film Production Center has introduced to the audience many exciting new film projects. The movie Lovely Bond revolves around the story of the family of Lan - a powerful , assertive and strict woman who loves her children in an oppressive way. Her personality makes the family atmosphere stormy.

The film attracts the audience with many unexpected and dramatic situations surrounding family conflicts and hatred in love and life.

Talking about the process of making the movie, director Hung Phuong said: "The script was written very carefully. I also put efforts in editing to make the TV movie more dramatic".

Lovely Bond with the cast of many favorite faces such as People's Artist Kim Xuan, actresses Ngoc Lan, Lan Phuong, Tu Vi, Truong Quynh Anh is expected to draw large TV audience.

Taking on the role of Ha - a girl with many intrigues and hatrand hatred Ngoc Lan said: "The character Ha is an introvert, always suffers from something. In general, this is a very dangerous girl".

In addition to the actresses, the actors in the film such as Huu Chau, Ly Binh ... all have fulfilled their roles, showing the multi-dimensional personalities of the characters in the film.

Actor Ly Binh, who plays Hieu in the movie Lovely Bond, said: "This is a different role from those I've ever played before. The character I take on is a gentle, obedient and capable person who loves sincerely".

Attractive story with many dramatic details, conflicts being climaxed in each episode and a capable cast, 32 episodes of Lovely Bond promise to attract audiences when it airs on VTV3.

Stay tuned at 9:40 a.m. every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from September 21 on channel VTV3.


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