Programmes benefit ethnic communities in Tra Vinh Province

by P.V15 October 2015 Last updated at 13:23 PM

VTV.vn - Tra Vinh has the largest Khmer population in the Mekong Delta region.

Local authorities have implemented numerous programmes to help local people develop production and improve their livelihoods. Thanks to these efforts local Khmer people have seen improved living standards.

Tra Vinh Province has deployed 200 technicians to over 105 localities to help farmers with breeding and cultivation techniques since 2009. For example, local farmers in Cau Ngang District faced difficulties due to lack of farming knowledge but they then received lots of information on farming models and technical advice.

This is Thach Xuan Van’s frog farm. He faced lots of problems raising the frogs. However, after getting technical support he has been able to expand the farm and earn more.

"In the first year, I didn’t make any profits from the frog farming. However, in the second year, I’ve earned about 2,000 USD from commercial frog farming", Thach Xuan Van, Farmer, Truong Tho Commune, Cau Ngang Dist., Tra Vinh Prov.

"Raising frogs is suitable model for poor families. It doesn’t require much area or investment", said Son Minh Sot, Engineer, Truonng Tho Commnune, Cau Ngang Dist., Tra Vinh Prov.

6 years ago, farmer Kim Sóc Sà Run made a profit of just $400 from farming. Thanks to the helps of local technicians, his profits have tripled.

"In previous years, I cultivated my crops using traditional methods. After listening to the technical advice I now know better ways to work the soil, weed and cover the seeds. My productivity has doubled", said Kim Soc Sa Run, Farmer, Truong Tho Commnune, Cau Ngang Dist., Tra Vinh Prov.

In addition, local authorities in Tra Vinh Province have worked on other programmes to help local people to improve their living conditions. For example, the humanitarian tree model in Cau Ke District has raised funds to help local people with difficulties.

"There are many people who are facing difficulties. I donated some money to help them because in many cases I got help from other people", said Thach Binh, Local resident, Cau Ke Dist., Tra Vinh Prov.

There are many poor households in Tra Vinh Province that can improve their livelihoods thanks to the support of the social programmes. Thanks to its many successes in recent years, Tra Vinh Province has set a target of decreasing the poverty rate to 18% by 2019, the average poverty rate among Khmer people in the Mekong Delta region.

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