Playing a role in TV movie "Peaceful Tomorrow" in unforgettable days

by 27 August 2021 Last updated at 09:00 AM

VTV.vn - The actors and actresses of the film such as Trung Hieu, Thuy Ha, Kieu My, Kieu Anh have shared the impressions about the time of filming in the middle of the epidemic time.

According to director Vu Truong Khoa, Peaceful Tomorrow was produced in the context of the epidemic, so the timing of writing the script and filming was extremely tight to keep up with the broadcast schedule. The script is also based on the writers' understanding of what is happening at the time of the epidemic.

The production team wants the film to entertain the audience at the time of the epidemic and convey many meaningful messages to raise awareness among people about how to unite in disease prevention.

Actress Thuy Ha also said that Peaceful Tomorrow will likely be the record-setting film for both the crew of filmmakers and each actor and actress. Since the beginning of August, the crew have worked with great effort and concentration for the movie to go on the air from August 12. Currently, the production team is still working.

Most actors think they won't be able to forget those shooting days. Filming during the epidemic season made the actors and crews face many difficulties that they had never encountered before, the filming schedule was constantly changing because the location was not always available. In addition, they have to limit contact, always remind each other to pay attention to their health, protect themselves and others.

Actress Thuy Ha said, "Personally, I'm afraid of filming days and can't sleep at night because of the worry of the pandemic".

Meanwhile, Kieu My, the young actress who plays the role of Mai Khoi, said everyone on the film crew shares the same fear, but cheers each other on so they can complete the task in the best way and on time.

Filming in the hot temperature of 40 degrees, they were not allowed to turn on the air conditioning in the scene or fans due to direct recording, light projects directly onto the face, so most actors have to feel uncomfortable during filming.

Kieu My said that she had only two days to learn the script before filming. The actress also had only one day to prepare the costumes. The hairdressers were closed, so the actress could not fix her hair, nor could she dye her hair black to match her role as a high school student.

People's Artist Trung Hieu also recounted the difficulties of filming under temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. Everyone was under pressure and stress. They have to keep safe distance, wearing a mask, and disinfecting their hands.


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